Many homeowners regard the bathroom as their sanctuary. The one place in the home where you can shut the world behind and truly relax and unwind. Whether you’re having a soak in the bath, a long hot shower, or doing your skincare routine, you’ll want your bathroom aesthetic to match your style and ooze peace and calmness.

For this to happen, it may be time to make some adjustments to your bathroom. Whatever your budget, there are plenty of things you can purchase for your bathroom that will bring it up to your liking and help you set the right tone. Any of the below are great options to consider for your bathroom.

Shower Curtain

If your shower and bath are combined, then chances are you’ll need to invest in a sturdy shower curtain. After all, you won’t want all the water to seep onto the floor and cause you to slip! If strategically draped, your shower curtain can create the illusion of a bigger space. This is great news for those that don’t have much room to work with! Also, you don’t need to invest in a standard, white shower curtain. Why not get your creative juices flowing and look for patterned ones? Whatever shower curtain you pick, make sure it matches the colour scheme of your bathroom and you know how to clean it.


Whether you’re brushing your teeth, plucking your eyebrows, applying makeup, or making final adjustments before heading out, a mirror is a necessity for your bathroom. If you have the cash to splash and want to elevate how your bathroom looks, why not look into illuminated bathroom mirrors? These are perfect if you’re doing your skincare regime or putting makeup on. There are lots of bathroom mirror styles, colours, and sizes to choose from. Whatever one you decide on, just make sure it’s big enough!

Towel Rack

Towel racks are one of the most important bathroom accessories of all. We all use towels, and we all need somewhere to store them! Having an area to house your towels will mean you can get one as and when you need it. You can even go one step further and invest in a heated towel rack that will quickly dry them ready for their next use. Once you’ve found a towel rack, it’s time to purchase towels! If you’ve got a busy household, it’s worth buying cheap bath towels in bulk. Absolute Home Textiles sell cheap towels in the UK. You can pick a bath towel from them that’s available in a wide range of colours!

Durable Bathmat

We all know how slippery bathroom floors can get. Whatever material you’ve chosen for your flooring, accidents can and do happen. To avoid a trip to A&E because you’ve had a slip and fall, investing in a durable bathmat is a no-brainer. Make sure you pick one in a colour that correlates with the rest of your bathroom space. You can never put a price on safety, so put a bathmat at the top of your buying list.


If you’ve got artwork hung up in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom, why not add some pieces in your bathroom space too? After all, we spend a large portion of time in the bathroom, whether it’s to go to the toilet or have a soak in the bath. Having something nice to look at as you relax under the bubbles can reduce stress and anxiety too. Don’t go overboard with artwork. One or two canvases will do the trick and make your bathroom walls come to life.


Bathrooms are warm and humid areas of the home, which makes it a great place to have houseplants. If your bathroom windowsill is looking a little bare, buying some houseplants can improve the air quality in your home. Plants love the high humidity and they’re sure to add a nice touch to your space. Ferns in particular make great houseplants in your bathroom as they can handle the temperature fluctuations.


When the sun sets and you start running a bath, there’s nothing more relaxing than dimming the lights and having some time for yourself. If your bathroom has harsh lighting, it’s time to address this immediately. LED bathroom lights are a go to for many homeowners. If you’re looking to push the boat out, why not hang a bathroom chandelier? The choice is up to you!

Your bathroom should serve as the one area in the home where you can truly be at peace. To create the right ambience and feel at home, investing in the essentials for your bathroom is key. Regardless of space or size, when you purchase all the above and give them a home in your bathroom, we’re sure you’re going to be left with a space that promotes peace and tranquillity.

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