There are a lot of things that you can do to your home that might increase its resale value. Among the top things that you can do is invest in your bathroom.

Small bathroom updates can provide over a 50% return on your investment when it comes time to resell. Sometimes that number can be even higher.

If you cringe when you look at your bathroom, pick a weekend and prepare to get down and dirty. We’re going to suggest 7 simple tweaks that you can make to your space that’ll make it shine and be worth more to future home buyers.

  1. Add a Dash of Green

Nothing adds more to a space as effortlessly as plants do. Plants have the ability to freshen up a room, decorate it, and fill it with color all in one swoop. What’s better is that plants come a number of varieties which means that no matter your taste, you’ll find a fixture that suits you perfectly.

Given the interesting climate conditions in bathrooms (humid/light deprived in some cases), your plant options may be limited to an extent. However, Spider Plants, Boston Ferns, and Snake Plants all do well in restroom areas.

If you’re having trouble keeping plants alive in your bathroom, consider fake plants which can be bought at big-box hardware and furniture stores.

  1. Turn Your Bathroom Into a Lounge

Why does everything in a bathroom have to feel so sterile? Probably because most of us are grossed out by what goes on in there.

Here’s the deal though—if you’re meticulous about keeping your bathroom clean, it’ll be just about as dirty as any other room in your house. With that in mind, our recommendation is to upgrade your spacious bathroom by throwing in some art, a magazine rack and perhaps even a lounge chair next to your tub.

Be sure to play with colors when adding fixtures and even consider painting your walls to make your bathroom feel less like a place where you shower and more like a place where you relax.

  1. Light Some Candles

When considering small bathroom updates, there’s nothing smaller that you can do than adorning your bathroom with candles. A lot of people balk at bathroom candles because how much of an impact can candles really have on a space, right?

In all honesty, candles can have a huge impact.

Not only do the right candles look great and add a dash of luxury to any space that you put them in, but their aromas can have positive health benefits in that they aid in one’s ability to de-stress.

If you’re buying candles, opt for soy-based ones as they don’t use the same degree of harmful chemicals that alternatives do.

  1. Grab a Killer Bathmat

Your bathroom is supposed to be a place where you go to relax. Not a place that you go to slip on a puddle of water and break your hip.

To add a touch of color to your space while simultaneously protecting your skeletal system, consider investing in a high-quality bathmat that either matches or accents your bathroom’s current color scheme. You can even get creative by purchasing a bathmat that features a fun phrase that’ll make visitors smile.

If you’re tired of bathmats because they’re constantly getting saturated with water in your restroom, check your shower waterproofing to make sure that you don’t have a leak that’s unnecessarily spilling liquid onto your floor.

  1. Double Down on Ventilation

When you have multiple people living in a house, it’s almost a given that your bathroom mirror is going to be fogged up all of the time. The best way to help hit the reset button on your bathroom between uses is to invest in a solid ventilation system that’ll dry your space out as quickly as possible.

For those of you that are lucky enough to have windows in your bathroom, popping your window open will help keep your bathroom usable. If you don’t have a window, pick-up a high-powered ventilator or clean your existing one out.

  1. Try a Heated Towel Rack

Heated towel racks might seem like an unnecessary splurge. You’d be surprised, though, by how much practical value they drive.

For starters, they heat your towels. That’s a given.

Beyond that, they dry your towels which means you can reuse them more times before you retire them to the wash. Heated towel racks also warm your space which can help dry your bathroom out faster and keep it mold-free.

  1. Make Your Shower Curtain an Extension of You

Plain white shower curtains are a tell-tale sign of people that don’t care about their bathrooms or have zero flair for aesthetic. Don’t be one of those people.

Put adding a colorful shower curtain at the top of your small bathroom updates list and marvel at how much “oomph” it adds!

Small Bathroom Updates Can Make a Big Difference

Small bathroom updates can have a huge impact on the form and function of your space. Add that to the fact that most of us spend hours per week in the restroom, and it becomes clear that putting a little bit of effort into making your bathroom shine is well worth the trouble.

Interior design can be hard. Our team aims to make it a whole lot easier, especially for those of you that can’t get things to look quite right in your home.

If you’re craving more solid design tips, take the time to check out some of the newest content on our blog!