Enjoying the backyard picnic on summer’s eve is a prestigious moment for every family member. So, naturally, several preparations are done to make the barbecue successful. But as a single uninvited guest is enough to ruin the complete fun of family time, pests also play the similar role of spoilers in a garden party.

Summers mark the surge in pests population, and backyards are a residence for them. Thus, it becomes essential for homeowners to analyze this situation quickly and start taking pest-proof measures. Speedy action can protect your family from the irritating buzz and itchy bites.

So, keep reading this article to get acquainted with some effective tips that you can follow to make your backyard pest-proof this summer.

7 Control Tips to Make Your Backyard Pest-Proof

Pests attack in the backyard can become a huge headache if not handled properly. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to utilize pest control measures to check the increasing number of insects and open the exit doors for the existing pests.

However, before applying any pest-proof measure, it is good to take the help of professionals to understand the situation of your yard. They perform inspections and suggest follow-up treatments to make the backyard pest-proof. It helps in the effective eradication of pests and mosquitoes.

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Nevertheless, if you are not willing to spend extra bucks on the professional service, you can implement the following pest control tips to eliminate the entry of insects into your exquisite backyard.

  1. Standing Water is Not a Good Thing for the Backyard

Mosquitoes and other insects turn the standing water areas into their permanent residences. Thus, it is essential to remove standing water from your backyard to eradicate breeding grounds for insects.

You can block the sunken places of the garden using sand to curb the collection of water in them. Moreover, it is better to use some chlorine drops in the pool to repel insects.

Besides, you should withdraw different objects that lead to water accumulation, such as flower pots, birdbaths, and buckets. It is also feasible to change the water regularly from pools and pots to prevent the multiplication of pests.

  1. Maintenance is the Key!

Bugs love to spend their vacations in a messy backyard. Unfortunately, it also becomes an ideal breeding place for them.

Due to these factors, you need to focus on the proper maintenance and cleaning of your garden. In addition, a neat backyard helps in mosquito control and habitat destruction of several devastating breeds of insects.

Also, ensure to clean your recyclables at regular intervals. It is because ants feed on the sticky garbage left in the bins. Further, you should cover the trash boxes with a lid and place them at a spot far from the backyard’s primary points.

  1. Remove Food and Shelter Sources

It is not possible to imagine a backyard picnic without a sizzling barbecue. But unfortunately, this delicious food not only looks appealing to family and friends, but bugs also find the paths to have a taste of it. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the food sources after every use.

Eliminating shelter sources is also a crucial task for the safety of your family. It is because snakes take shelter at distinct spots in the backyard, including thick shrubs and lawn debris, and can bite people anytime if proper precautions are not taken.

  1. Arrange a Separate Place for Birds

You will be surprised to know that the birds can support your mission to make the backyard pest-proof. Birds prefer to include insects and bugs in their diets and keep searching for them in distinct gardens. So, you need to develop your yard into a place suitable for feeding birds.

You should fix bird feeders and birdbaths to invite them to your place. It encourages them to visit the backyard often and build their residences there. Also, planting twiggy shrubs can attract more birds to the yard and help accelerate the bug cleaning process.

  1. Opt for Citronella Oil and Bug-Repellent Plants

7-Tips-to-Pest-Proof-Your-Backyard-this-Su 7 Tips to Pest-Proof Your Backyard this Summer

Nature has given an effective solution to each problem. Citronella oil is an incredible remedy made from a mixture of bug-repellent plants. It releases the scents of human lactic acid and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which insects find highly attractive.

Hence, you can buy readymade candles with citronella oil’s fragrance or pour a few drops of this oil into the ordinary candles and place them in the backyard to limit pests’ movements in finding feeding targets.

Another tip is to place distinct types of bug-repellent plants in the garden. These plant categories include marigold, lavender, lemongrass, and chrysanthemum. They can restrict the rising number of rodents, aphids, and mosquitoes.

  1. Construct Bug Traps

Developing bug traps is an excellent method to speed up the battle against pests. It can be easily constructed using a medium-sized bottle, tape, and a pest solution.

Begin the process by cutting down the bottle’s neck and fixing it in an inverted position at the bottom portion of the bottle. Next, you can use tape to seal these pieces together.

In the end, fill the trap with a pest solution that can attract different types of insects to this trap.

  1. Build a House for Bats

Bats contribute to pest-proofing your backyard in a similar manner to that of birds. But an interesting fact about a bat is that it can eat approximately 8000 bugs a night. This potential enables bats to clear a vast population of garden insects at dusk.

Therefore, installing a bat house in the backyard is a great move. You can attract these nocturnal creatures by creating a home suitable for their habitat.


Pests population increases rapidly in the summer season and brings a lot of challenges to homeowners. Thus, it is essential to implement early measures to control the situation and avoid their entry into the house. Opting for pest control services and experts’ supervision is also advisable if the condition turns horrible.

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