Spending more time at home has many people looking at how they can optimize the wasted space in their basement. Making this space more useful and welcoming is a fantastic way to add value to the home, both while you live there and when it goes on the market.

Here are seven of the top basement design trends to inspire your 2021 renovation projects.

Textured Epoxy Flooring

One of the up-and-coming trends of 2021 is epoxy flake flooring in the basement. This flooring style is more durable and suited to the space than laminate and tile, but more stylish than plain epoxy. It also seals the basement floor to prevent moisture and help keep the area insulated.

According to the experts at Those Floor Guys, another burgeoning textured epoxy trend is the metallic swirl. This style creates an eye-catching marble effect that adds to the atmosphere of the room. The high-gloss coating also reflects the light, ensuring your basement is brightly lit and welcoming.

Home Office Setup

Many people are experiencing a work-from-home business model for the first time. Furthermore, they’re balancing their work efforts with their children’s remote learning. After a while, sitting together at the kitchen table just doesn’t cut it.

The basement is the perfect space for a home office setup. You can also transform this into a home communication center, with a learning area for kids. The key to making a basement office work is ensuring the router signal is strong, despite the surroundings. Install a second router or move your current one to the basement if your signal is weak.

In-Law Suite

With more people bunking together with family, many basements will get transformed into in-law suites during 2021. These typically feature a sleeping area and bathroom for an apartment-like feel without the kitchen.

Some of the key things to keep in mind when creating a basement in-law suite are:

  • Adding a private entrance
  • Optimizing headspace
  • Installing basement-friendly plumbing
  • Preventing moisture

Whether this space will be used frequently or occasionally, it’s worth the effort to do it right.

Home Library

With the right elements, a basement can be quite cozy. Booklovers are using this space to create a home library, where they can curl up by the fire in a comfy chair and read a good book. This creates separation between the high-traffic areas of the home for some well-deserved R&R.

Consider adding built-in shelving to your basement walls to make the most of this space. Convert the unused area under your stairs into a cozy reading nook.

Divided Open Concept

Open concept basements have been predominant for decades. However, it can also be beneficial to have some separation when this space is being used as a multipurpose area.

Create a divided open concept space by installing designer-inspired room dividers. These could range from glass walls to shelving to metallic rods. Creating screens and partial walls allow for visual separation while allowing the air to flow freely. This is also a fantastic way to get privacy without expensive structural changes.

Ceiling Strapping Grid

Another hot design element is the addition of faux ceiling beams or grids using stained strapping. This technique is an affordable way to add dimension to the room while achieving the overall theme and atmosphere you want this space to possess.

This trend stems from the coffered ceiling trend, which is often used with panels or high ceilings.

In-Home Spa

Finally, many homeowners are taking a more luxurious approach to their basement remodel by installing an in-home spa experience. This could be as simple or elaborate as you wish, with anything from rain showerheads to personal in-ground pools. The key to creating a home spa is to make the space warm, soothing, and peaceful.

Use these seven basement design trends to shape your remodeling projects for 2021.