Whether you work in an office or a restaurant, the moment you direct a customer to the waiting room, their reactions are the same; “Argh! Not again.”

And this is something that we can all relate to. In fact, a recent study found that long waiting times frustrate nearly 97% of visitors/prospects to the point of leaving.

But, are we doing anything to break this “waiting room boredom”?

Well, with this post, we will. Here are seven waiting room set up tips that’ll keep your customers from leaving of boredom.

1. Pay Attention to Aesthetics

The first thing that any guest will notice about your waiting room is the look and the feel. And why not? After all, that’s the first thing that meets the eye.

And speaking of how it’ll matter, an aesthetic setup will attract them and may even encourage them to engage with magazines or other means of entertainment. However, a dull or clutter setup can make them have a negative perception of your organization. A plain turn off, right?

Thankfully, that’s not the end of the world.

There are a number of commercial construction companies that can turn your business’ waiting room into an aesthetic space that can attract guests like 1-2-3. All you need to do is get in touch with them and make your ask.

2. Appoint Concierges For Your Waiting Room

One of the main reasons why waiting rooms come off as boring is that they leave the visitors alone for the waiting hours.

Yes, the customer needs you. Yes, they have chosen your service over your competitors. Yes, you can’t unnecessarily prioritize one customer over the other. But is it okay to leave them alone?

Think about it. Employing concierges for your waiting room can be a way better idea than this.

By doing this, you will be ensuring that your guests don’t have to sit ideally in the waiting room with a series of questions revolving inside their head. Now, the concierge will greet all the guests, plus answer their questions at the same time.

3. Snacks Always Work

While offering food may not work best for turning something boring into interesting, it surely blurs the boredom away.

Ever seen how big blocks of educational text become bearable with a pack of biscuits (but keep it light for good health)?

Well, that’s the power of snacks. And that’s how they can work wonders for keeping your guests entertained inside the waiting room.

So, make sure you keep this in mind and offer snacks to the next batch of guests that may have to wait.

The best thing about snacks is that they make the easiest upgrade tip on this list.

4. Install an Aquarium

Talk of waiting room decor and aquariums can never disappoint.

If you’ve ever watched fishes cluelessly roam around in an aquarium, you’d know. It’s super-fun, entertaining, makes waiting effortless and yep, you may even learn a thing or two about fish behaviours.

So, consider them. They are cool and lovable.

5. Include General Entertainment Media

We’ve all come across television screens, magazines, newspapers, free WiFi and even bookshelves at automotive service centres.

Clearly, they are nailing the art of designing waiting rooms with this idea.

And the best part, these don’t break the bank. Especially considering the amount of business that an interesting waiting room can hold for your company.

So, set your priorities right. Invest in the right direction, and surely, your customers won’t leave frustrated from the waiting room.

6. Be Transparent About The Wait Time

One of the primary reasons why customers may leave out straight from the waiting room is the ambiguity that some organizations generate about the wait time.

Yes, there’s no reason for doing that. In fact, this transparency works better for companies, says Fuelfor (a Spanish design firm).

So, break the ice and install screens for displaying wait times based on customers’ respective token numbers.

7. Comfortable Seating and Clean Arrangement

Let us assume,

First, we ask our customers to wait; “patiently”. And then, we fail at providing comfortable seating and cleanliness inside the waiting room.

And the award for “the best recipe for failure” goes to… we know who.

It’s simple. Keep seating comfort and cleanliness a priority if you want to make sure that your customers don’t leave your business from the waiting room.

Final words

Although not always prioritized, waiting room standards, facilities and environment largely determine the number of people that leave your business before you get another chance to impress them.

That’s a direct loss on your bank statement and business’ reputation as well.

But don’t worry. With the tips above, your organization can step up its waiting room standards and keep your customers happy at all hours.