There is certainly no one size fits all formula when it comes to narrowing down the interior design trends of 2022. As well as a whole host of new colours and textures, there are also new materials and ambiences to explore. Interior design enthusiasts are coming more and more conscious about how their space makes them feel, which is reflected in the changes in trends. Making interior design decisions will always be based on a mixture of emotions and personality, which is how the following seven ideas have come into fruition in recent months.

Earthy Colours and Tones

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2022 has really shown us that nature will always be there for us and we really need to appreciate it more. It has been a source of comfort and connection over the recent years, which means it’s no surprise that earthy tones are heavy hitters in the current interior design trends. Incorporating this trend of nature into your laminate flooring is a highly popular choice, from pale botanical shades of green to simple grey stone tones. A particularly popular choice at the moment would be the oak wood finishes of this laminate flooring, which is ideal for a modern, yet timeless aesthetic. Earthy shades of laminate flooring such as the Harrow Grey or Smoked Oak are also extremely popular. These earthy tones can be accentuated via your flooring choices and they can also allow us to feel calm and grounded as our lives become busier. This is certainly worth considering if you’re looking to create a relaxing space in your home.

Organic Influences

The term “organic” resonates with people in different ways, depending on your affinity with nature and organic produce. In one sense, organic shapes could come to the forefront of your mind as biophilic design trends make a comeback in 2022. Similarly, you can also consider organic produce and materials; obtaining your interior design accessories such as rugs, wall art and floors from sustainable sources gives a nod to the environment and shows your appreciation for nature. Whether you’re incorporating eco-friendly materials, or utilising organic shapes in your home, there are a number of different ways to embrace the organic trend this year.

Modern and Retro Fusions

d3-684x1024 7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home With The Latest Interior Trends

Interior design trends won’t always fall into one specific category, especially when there’s an up and coming fusion style in 2022. Many professional interior designers and enthusiasts are mixing modern styles with retro vintage to spruce up their space in a nonchalant and natural-feeling way. For example, the juxtaposition of a statement piece of coloured furniture with cream colours and tones is the ideal example of modern and retro fusions in the latest interior design trends.

Cork Flooring

If cork flooring brings back images of 1970s soaps, then it’s time to forget about those negative ideas and think about how cork flooring can make its mark in the modern day. Not only is this the most eco-friendly and sustainable option when it comes to sourcing, but it is also available in a whole host of colours and shades. Cork is both stylish and practical, as it can help to keep heat insulation in, which is a more environmentally friendly choice compared to underfloor heating.

Soft and Textured Materials

A nod to the retro theme is something that is certainly finding its feet in the year 2022. Pleats have been an up and coming trend on and off since the 1950’s when pleat skirts and curtains came into the forefront. Now, this is the type of texture that is catching the eye of interior design enthusiasts everywhere, as it finds a place in our modern day homes. From pleated lampshades to pleated drapes, it’s a brilliant way to create depth and movement in a simple and minimalistic home.

Textural Layering

Laying textures is a tried and true trend that helps homeowners bring a new sense of dimension to their home. Whether there is heightened texture on wall art or panelling on the walls, there are so many incredible ways to use this trend to elevate your home and bring a sense of warmth.

Checked Patterns

If you want to take a step back in time to the seventies then why not consider checked patterns for your rugs or soft furnishings in your homes? In 2022, we’re not just talking about black and white check patterns, it’s all about brightly coloured checks with bright and bold tones. Check patterns interior design are here to stay, and are a welcome addition to this year’s trends. Whether you’re considering checked pattern floors, cushions, rugs or curtains, there are so many ways to embrace this new trend this year.

By using some of the ideas above, you can bring a new lease of life to your home. Whether you’re looking for new laminate floorings or you want to experiment with different textures, there are numerous exciting design trends to experiment with this year. Sprucing up your home couldn’t be simpler, as long as you stay across the new and emerging trends that are coming into play as we delve deeper into 2022.

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