When in the spring and summer, the trees make a pleasant shade. We appreciate birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers in our patios with a warm breeze blows over. But in winter months, the freezing temperature deters us from stepping forward to the outdoor space.

Is winter really not a season suitable to enter in patio for outdoor space enjoyment? Not exactly. Imagine, under the clear blue sky after snowing, with a little chilly air, it’s right time for us to take out barbecue equipment and have a gathering in patio. We came up with 7 winter patio ideas for outdoor space enjoyment. They may come in handy.

1. Warm Your Patio Up

It’s a brilliant idea that to build or buy a propane outdoor fire pit as a centerpiece in your patio. Outdoor fire pit provides stable heat to your patio in cold weather. It will also be an ideal place to gather families and friends together if you arrange several seats around. It brings warmth and prolong your outdoor enjoying time. In addition to warm your patio up, outdoor fire pit can also warm party ambience up. Indeed, as a winter-proof item, outdoor propane fire pits are the best seller among outdoor furniture products in cold days.

For it concerns about safety problems and it has so many types of in market, you need to choose a outdoor fire pit very carefully.

2. Light Your Patio Up

Using outdoor string lights or candlelight to endure an warm atmosphere in winter, and then watch the patio become your own private cozy shelter. Besides, compared with summer days, it gets dark earlier in winter. For lack of natural lights, hanging lights in patio seems to be necessary to extend outdoor living time in winter. By the time, choose clean power or energy saving light to create an eco-friendly patio. You can take solar powered lights or LED lights into consideration. Your patio will instantly upgrade by such a stylish little change.

3. Dress Your Patio Up

There are several important festivals in winter. To create festive holiday atmosphere is a hack to save your exterior space from dull.

Take Christmas as an example, use bright color festival decorations, maybe not limited to traditional red and green, can highlight your backyard with strong festive air. If you have spare space on the wall, consider to hang some wall wreaths. Your patio will acquire a completely new outlook. Combined with string lights, they show simple charms even in evening.

4. Cozy Your Patio Up

Choose a set of comfortable all-weather furniture in your patio firstly, and patio sets with fire pit may be a good choice. Because the climate changes a lot in winter, you need to take weather into consideration. A set of all-weather furniture will make you mess-free. The material of all-weather furniture usually features water resistance, UV resistance and durability. There are some recommended materials: Aluminum, Powder-Coated Steel, Polytheistic Resin Wicker, Teak. They satisfy your requirements in harsh winter. A set of cozy furniture brings a huge sense of happiness when you enjoy outdoor livings.

Then add some cozy items on it. Fluffy cushions, pillows, throws, blankets relax you by their softness and also help you resist coldness. Interacted with fire pit, you must be willing to stay in your winter patio for longer time.

5. Dining in Your Patio

Delicious hot food cures us in cold days. If weather is fine, enjoying hot beverage or hot food in the patio is an exciting thing. To spend a relaxing morning by holding a cup of freshly brewed coffee and having a pleasing conversation with families. Or to organize barbecue party, that will sweep off all bad moods in a second. Cooking a hearty bowl of soup or stew share in your patio will be great. The aroma and temperature of food would make you forget the coldness.

6. Planting in Your Patio

The leave of spring and summer doesn’t mean the vitality of your patio is also gone. Though the chill is filled with air, nature enjoyment continues. There are still many winter-friendly plants and flowers, such as Potted Blue Spruce, Pansies and Camellias. While choosing which kind of plant  to grow in your patio, check USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to make sure whether it can be survival in winter of your region. Situations vary a lot in different parts of the US. Remember, perennials and shrubs should be planted before frozen days so that they can strike root, and for those people in mild and moisture area, you can grow hardy annuals. Start preparation now, then you can own a colorful and energetic garden in the winter months.

7. Make Your Patio Fun

It sounds warm to stay inside during the whole winter, but it’s not beneficial to health if do so. According to scientific studies, appropriate outdoor sports benefits us in mental and physical aspects, especially for kids. For leaving yourself some time to enjoy your winter patio, it’s a good idea to organize some interesting outdoor activities as long as everyone bundles up and be careful. After all, the space outside is much ample than the indoors. What activities can be organized? For example, children will never refuse to make snowman or make ice castle in patio. They will get super satisfaction in this process.


Our patio is an important part consisting of our life. If make no use of it in winter months, that will be a pity for missing a lot of pleasure. These 7 winter patio ideas for outdoor patio enjoyment above may give you some inspirations. Take the tips and start a winter-proof outdoor living with your families in the following months. Turn your outdoor space to be another living room. Have fun.

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