Whether you are creating a fresh workspace or you want to spruce up the current one, but still undecided on what you want it to look like, then you need to take a step back and ask yourself, do you want a workspace that will inspire employees or a typical showroom that makes everyone uncomfortable and bored out of their mind?

If you are having a hard time answering the question, let me make it easier for you, employees will be in the office for over thirty-five hours in a week, so if you want to create a workspace that will help their creative juices and productivity, here are ideas on how you can do it.

Artist Loft

Having artistic wallpapers, graffiti, or paintings in a workspace makes the atmosphere of the office calm and inspires people that uses it. It does not need to be filled with paintings, the space can be designed by playing with bright colors, African print futons and throw pillows, hand-painted desks, or walls painted with graffiti.

Having an office workspace designed with artistic flair or aesthetics makes the workplace look casual. Some creative and fashion industry companies have adopted this design pattern for their workspace, coupled with lining individual desks to form a long horizontal row in an open space office, which will surely inspire employees and boost their productivity.

Innovation Lab

The innovation lab design for a workspace makes a deep statement about the orientation of the firm. To use an innovation lab theme for a workspace, you need an open-plan space, spruced with ideas or quotes from prominent people within the industry.

For instance, an IT firm creating a workspace using the innovation lab design can fill the space with quotes from Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and other industry leaders. Another example is creating a space within the office filled with design prototypes, motherboards, computer parts, and other innovation breakthroughs made by employees.

The innovation lab design will look perfect when paired with ergonomic desks and spine-friendly chairs.

Multi-Environment or Diverse Space

This is a workspace design that puts thought into comfortability for employees. When the office space is not open plan, this workspace favors a setting where the departments are divided by walls.

The accounts department may draw inspiration from a biophilic space, the marketing and advertising department may be inspired with an artist loft theme and other departments may favor other workspace design themes, creating a diverse space. However, the work environment can be put together by a recreation space like a mini-golf space placed in a strategic place or an open plan break room.

Team-Planned or Individually Designed Space

Most employers that are stumped on design ideas or want to project inclusion have resorted to this workspace theme, a team-planned effort. Here, teams or departments are encouraged to come up with a design theme for their workspace that everyone on the team is comfortable with.

Also, some companies have the individually designed workspace as a company policy to make employees feel comfortable working there. Companies give employee desk or chair options to choose from that will make their work.

Pet-Friendly Space

Another workspace idea is filling up the office with pets or instituting pet-friendly policies in the company. This will make employees feel comfortable and inspired when they know they can bring their house pets to the office and they will cater for it, even when they are busy.

Some companies have pets within the building where you can go nozzle cats or play catch with dogs, to keep your mind refreshed.

22-1 7 Workspace Design Ideas That Inspire Employees

Biophilic or Nature Replicas

This is a commonly institutionalized workplace design, filling the office space with plants to promote a green environment. The biophilic workspace design ensures that employees are in tune with nature.

When employees are tense, they could go visit the green area around their areas, water the plants and detox, breath in fresh and unpolluted air while at it.

Grown-Up Classroom Space

This workspace design works best for a problem-solving company. For this to work, it will pair the innovation lab design with a casual setting.

This workspace design will have lots of writing spaces and flexible seating options for employees, where they are not stuck behind a desk but can freely use the office space and can bounce ideas off each other without barriers.

These aforementioned workspace layout designs will make employees comfortable. When you offer your employees the privilege of using a unique workspace, you are inspiring them to hone their talents and get their creative juices flowing.

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