Sometimes it might seem like ever front yard looks almost the same – a pre-bought lawn, a small stone pathway and maybe a tree or two. It’s the standard American front yard that everyone seems to want.

But what if you’re after something a bit more unique? After all, not everyone is after the traditional look.

Well, if you want to make your house stand out but are afraid of ruining everything here are some ideas suggested by Danshap Landscaping Vancouver, WA that you can easily use to make the most out of your front yard and get a unique look that everyone will love.

Check it out!

1. No Lawn, No Fuss

Are you tired of having to mow your lawn and water it regularly? Well, get rid of it then! You don’t need it to make your front yard look incredible.

You can easily replace it with nice-looking gravel or even sand, depending on the region where you’re living, and it will completely transform the look of your front yard.

There can still be a few plants or a tree here and there to accentuate the look, maybe even patches of lawn inside concrete frames which can make this look even more unique.

2. Colored Trees and Bushes

In case you like your lawn but think it looks a bit too drab and tedious, accentuating it with some vibrant colors can make a huge difference in how it looks.

Planting some bright-colored bushes here and there or even a tree can make it all look much livelier and create a look that will be memorable for anyone that comes to visit.

3. Make it Natural

If you’re someone who likes green and wants a yard which resembles a rainforest, you can go for this look.

It’s easy – you need to plant some native plants that will look lush and large when they grow to their full size and require minimal maintenance. You just let them grow and take over your whole yard!

It can be an incredible look and requires minimal work.

4. More Hardscaping

It’s always a shame when you get a family gathering or a group of friends to have fun in your yard and find out that they trampled all your plants and grass and you have to fix it all again.

Well, put a little bit more gravel or stone plates in the mix and you won’t have to! It will also accentuate your plants and make the green stand out even more. It’s a win-win situation!

5. Colored Lawn

Do you like lawns but are tired of your old, green one? Well, you’re in luck – these days, you can get lawns in many other colors if you want to take that route.

Getting a purple-ish lawn and accentuating it with some beautiful, green shrubbery can be a striking look to go for if you’re bold enough and willing to experiment. Try it out if you think it might be right for you.

6. Raised Planting Beds

Protecting your precious flowers and beautiful plants can be difficult. This way, you can make them stand out even more and preserve them from being trampled on!

Use some bottomless planting beds and make sure to water them more often, since they will dry out quicker due to being raised. It does need more work, but it achieves a striking look and protects your precious petunias.

7. Plant Near the Foundation

Foundation planting is an excellent idea in most cases, and a few strategically placed plants near the house will help soften its look and enhance it to no end.

Focus on simple, elegant plants for this and try not to make them too large – you don’t want to hide your house behind them, just accentuate its look.

8. Arbor Entrance

It’s a wonder what a relatively small portal or arbor can do for your front yard, even if it’s not connected to a fence. You can let plants grow on the side of it and on top of it to maximize the effectiveness of this look.

Just make sure not to place it too close to the house, or there’s not much point in having it there.


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