Everyone needs to change the look and feel of their home every now and then without dishing out the big bucks or doing a major structural change in the form of a renovation. Home décor is not always about undertaking major changes but can also be about small, thoughtful touches that upgrade a space or create solutions such as for storage for example. Here are a few home décor ideas to spruce up your home that can be done incrementally or all at once without incurring debt.

  1. Play With Space

The first thing you notice about any home or apartment is how large it looks and feels. A considerable part of living anywhere is feeling homey and comfortable without feeling boxed in. Most houses need to play on the optical illusion of space and a great way to do that is through the use of large mirrors, both vertical and horizontal. Mirrors that are horizontal against the wall, as well as floor-length mirrors, make any room or living area seem much larger than it is by tricking the eye that there is more space further.

You can also choose different shapes of the mirror to offer some contrast against other wall hangings or to match with the furniture. If there are rustic colors or rose golds in your furniture or tables, the mirrors can be matched with that to give a synergistic look.

  1. As Far As The Eye Can See

One of the most holistic ways to change the complete ambiance of your home is to change up the lighting. The type of lighting used impacts mood greatly and also compliments other design elements used in a space like wall hangings or furniture. If you are using sharp, white, clinical-style lighting, you will drown out the other design elements and create a depressing atmosphere. Using warm lighting with warm light bulbs or soft white bulbs creates a cozy feel in the space.

Light fixtures are also a way to upgrade a space. Low-cost chandeliers are sold online that often do not even require a light socket and run entirely on battery-powered bulbs for apartments or rental spaces where new drilling etc cannot be carried out. The design of the light fixtures is also a brilliant décor element that can be matched or contrasted with the color of the walls or the furniture and so on.

  1. Color And Wallpaper

It is amazing what a new, fresh coat of paint can do and it can be done in a DIY method as well with products purchased from any hardware store. Choose colors that exude calmness to you (as everyone has a different favorite color with a different significance attached to it). Using wall decals or stencils for various patterns on a wall is also a pleasing sight and gives the impression of a personalized space.

For children’s rooms, stickers and cartoon wall decals are cost-effective to put up but instantly transform the look of the room. Wallpaper is pricier than painting your walls but you can do a contrast wall by choosing one or two walls to apply wallpaper to and having the rest of the walls one color.

  1. DIY Artwork

Many homes have a tradition of putting up DIY artwork by the members of the family such as framed handprints of children or framed macaroni art from school. DIY artwork adds again that sense of personalization, good memories, and happy times and makes for a brilliant conversation starter as well. Epoxy resin art is increasingly becoming more and more fashionable and it is a great hobby to cultivate as well as something adults and children can create together in their free time.

Epoxy resin art is made from using an epoxy base like deep pour epoxy and then allowing it to dry into specific shapes and sizes or even on a canvas. Different colors can be added into the mixture as well as pearls, glitter chunks, and other decorative articles.

  1. Go Neutral And Classical

Many people may want to upgrade their space but they may be unsure of the colors to use as interior decoration trends keep changing and it is hard to keep on top of them. Opting for a neutral color palette like black and white is a win-win situation because classic colors like that never go out of fashion and they are easy to match with other colors.

When you are decorating the walls and you want them to be kind of muted against a contrast of bright colored furniture, for example, black and white wall art will never let you down. You can frame photographs and Polaroids, old movie posters and memorabilia and even a custom house portrait sketched or painted in black as they come in a plethora of designs and types.

  1. A Love For Reading

Undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated elements you can add to a room is having a bookcase or a number of bookcases, showcasing all your favorite books along with small decorative items like a cactus pot or a golden unicorn. Many people also love the effect of green foliage against books, not to mention that makes your space Bookstagram worthy!

  1. Patterned Room Screens

Room screens are a stylish way to partition the room into different sections and they add a pleasing aesthetic to look at. They also have a functional element to them so that one large room for example can be used for different tasks and there is a division between them.

  1. A Green Feel

Using potted plants and foliage inside the home is not only a wonderful source of oxygen but also makes people feel calm and relaxed. The flower pots being used can also be decorated to match with the rest of the room. Nowadays it is fashionable to use rose gold or brass pots as well. If you find you don’t have a green thumb and can’t keep your plants alive, there are countless artificial foliage options available that look just as real as the real thing.

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