The cozy and homey vibes of a traditional kitchen are unmatched. The sweet reminder of our childhood is encompassed in big traditional kitchens with enough space for the whole family. If you did manage to turn your modern kitchen into a traditional one then maintaining that vibe is a long tedious job, almost never ending. You need to keep making updates to make sure it retains its old vibes or else our new appliances will take all its charm away.

Here are favorite updates to keep the vibe of your traditional kitchen alive!

1. Backsplash Tiles

Don’t ignore backsplash tiles, they really do set the mood for your kitchen. Make sure you spend enough time choosing or getting help from professional kitchen remodelers like this one in NJ, who specialize in providing clients the best custom products. A terracotta tile is the best to make your kitchen look traditional, but the right choice of a glass or ceramic tile would be lovely too! You may as well be saving more money in ceramic tiles.

2. Lights

Lights always have a way of adding depth and intensity to your vibe. Depending on the kind of light you choose you may be able to up the traditional game of your kitchen. Mostly hanging pendant lights or French Style Lanterns will get the job done. But if you’re really into making your kitchen look the best try going to the flea market and pick out a vintage light or chandelier for your kitchen. You’ll be surprised to see the kind of life it gives to your kitchen.

3. Dining table

Dining tables are an essential part of a kitchen, even if they are small, they play an important part in the aesthetics of your kitchen. An old oak top dining table with traditional wooden chairs will cost you a little but not only is it durable but absolutely stunning! A rustic finish on the legs of the chairs and the tables is subtle yet the ideal way to make it look traditional. Even a marble top will look amazing in a traditional kitchen, but nothing can beat wood!

4. Traditional Cabinet Handles and Doorknobs

Changing the whole cabinet is definitely a very costly update; however, what you can do is change the knobs and handles. Again, a little trip to the flea market may be needed to find the best thing but it’s worth the effort. Paint your cabinets white, sand them a little and add your new rustic handles. They won’t only make the kitchen traditional but royal too!

5. Suspend A Pan Rack

Does anyone remember those suspended pan racks from the movie “Little Women” the traditional English house is best represented in that movie. A suspended pan rack is not only a reminder of old English households but a reminder of more conventional and traditional times all over the world. Hang one above your island or the stove and add in some daily use pans. You’ve just added a big traditional feature in your kitchen and it’s the cheapest option too!

6. Furniture Style Or Paneled Island

A good kitchen is all about an Island. They add much more design to your kitchen than you think and play a much important role in setting the tone of your kitchen. To elevate your traditional vibes, you can get your current island paneled with a dark colored wood panel or just opt for a furniture style island. Furniture style islands usually have a marble top and on all 4 sides there are drawers and cupboards which make it look like a cupboard. These were very popular in the early 19th century and they will instantly revive the traditional vibes of your kitchen.

7. A Butler’s Sink

An unusual addition, but you will never regret it! The white porcelain shining in a traditional

This kind of style in the kitchen is hard to beat. Their boxy shape is all about class, style and tradition all at once. You may get lucky and find it in a normal hardware store but a trip to the flea market can help you find a real vintage butlers kitchen sink. While you’re at it a Butcher’s Block is also a great addition to a kitchen.

8. Incorporate Outdoors Subtly

Some small pots near the windowsill or big pot in one corner gives life to your kitchen. Plants are timeless and aesthetic, find a pot that looks traditional and add it in your kitchen. You can also try to have more than one window in your kitchen, many traditional houses have this feature.

We are all about loving kitchens, if you find something else that helps in making your kitchen look more traditional do tell us!