London offers some of the world’s most innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and opulent properties. A luxury apartment is a great investment, but with the number of options available in the capital of England, choosing one can be difficult.

If you’re planning to buy a high-end apartment in the city but still don’t know how to start or narrow down your options, you can check out the amenities each place provides. Magnificent apartments offer all sorts of amenities, and you can use them as basis for determining which property is the best fit for you.

Here are eight nice-to-have amenities to consider when scouting for luxury apartments in London:

  1. Pet-friendly Amenities

Are you planning to move to London with your furry or feline friend? If you’re going to bring your four-legged companions to London, look for luxury apartments that have pet-friendly amenities.

Some of the most common pet-friendly amenities high-end apartments in the city have are private in-building pet parks and pet spas. With these wonderful amenities available, your pets will also enjoy London as much as you do.

  1. Property-Wide Wi-Fi Amenities

In today’s digital era, having a high-speed Wi-Fi connection is a must. It’ll be challenging for you to connect with friends and family, stay up to date with the news, or read emails if you don’t have any access to Wi-Fi.

A property-wide and high-speed Wi-Fi connection is also a highlight. The property where you live should allow you to connect to the internet regardless of whether you’re in your bedroom, kitchen, or the building’s lobby.

  1. Smart Home Features

Technology can significantly impact your day-to-day living, which is why it’s crucial to look for luxury apartments that use advanced tools or apps. These innovations will make it easier for you to accomplish more tasks, with fewer resources.

Hence, smart home technology is one of the most essential and lovely features that make an apartment worth investing in.  With this amenity, you can control the temperature of your abode by using a remote and set up lighting fixtures that can turn on only when they detect movement. Other smart home features include security cameras and voice assistants.

  1. Comprehensive Fitness Amenities

You won’t be able to enjoy what London takes pride in if you live a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising regularly is the key to attaining better health—and better health means being able to do more.

So another amenity to look for as you check out luxury apartments in London is a comprehensive fitness studio. Don’t settle for a property that only has a room with a treadmill and elliptical machine for residents. Instead, go for one that regularly hosts fitness classes, boasts a yoga studio, and provides a fully equipped in-house gym.

  1. Lap Pool And Lounging Pool

While some people want to exercise in a class, others would prefer to stay fit in the water. If you’re one of the latter, you’ll want a classy apartment that features lap and lounging pools.

AdobeStock_208472457 8 Nice-To-Have Amenities To Look For In A Luxury Apartment In London

Aside from encouraging you to stay more active, the availability of lap and lounging pools will make it easier for you to de-stress. Swimming is actually a great stress reliever, as it allows rhythmic breathing, relaxing your nervous system.

  1. Sporting Facilities

If you want to invest in an upscale apartment that can bring value to your hard-earned money, select one that is equipped with in-house sporting facilities. Ideally, the place should have at least a basketball and a tennis court.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete, sporting facilities serve as an avenue for you to meet other residents at the apartment complex. By socializing with others, you’ll get to develop a sense of community and foster healthy friendships.

  1. Green Space

London is a fast-paced city, so stress will become a normal part of your day. This is especially true if you work in some of the capital’s busiest industries.

You can make it easier to combat stress by choosing an apartment that offers a green space. With this amenity, you can easily find peace after an exhausting and busy day at work and breathe in some fresh air. A green space also lets you host fun, intimate get-togethers and catch up with friends.

  1. Private Spa

Everybody deserves a day of pampering every once in a while, so make sure to choose a first-rate property that has a private spa. If you have access to a private spa, you can easily treat yourself to facials, massages, and even manicures and pedicures regularly.

If going to the spa is a part of your lifestyle, you’ll be delighted to know that some apartments in London come with private spas with more than just the basic services. For instance, you might want to go for one that includes a private spa with a sauna room and a heated pool.

Choose Carefully

With the number of amenities luxury apartments in London boast, consider whether they suit your lifestyle. Ideally, you should invest in an apartment that allows you to carry on with your lifestyle in the most convenient way possible, so you can live the best life in the capital.

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