Indoor plants are a welcome addition to your home because they can help boost your mood and brighten up your interior spaces. Experts also believe that houseplants can minimize contaminants and pollution in areas where they’re located. However, not many plants can thrive indoors.

Luckily for those interested in growing them, succulent plants are ideal in enclosed settings. They typically have thick and fleshy leaves designed to store water and nutrients for long periods.

Here are the top practical reasons to grow succulents indoors:

  1. Can Tolerate Indoor Conditions

Unlike most plants, succulents can live in areas that are dry and have low humidity, which are the typical conditions inside homes and other buildings. In fact, some succulent varieties like the blue myrtle cactus prefer dry weather, and they can’t tolerate frost during winter. So if you own succulents, you don’t have to think about misting them every day just for the sake of protecting them against the adverse effects of dry air.

  1. Hardy, Drought-Resistant Plants

If you look at pictures of deserts and other barren regions, you’ll probably wonder how cacti and other succulent plants can live in such arid lands. Well, they’re simply made to be tough in order to thrive in conditions where water is scarce.

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Hence, if the only reason you’ve been putting off decorating your home with houseplants is that you can’t commit to daily watering duties, you should consider succulents. You can have them inside your room, in your kitchen, or even on your work desk. You just need to choose one that’s hardy, like a snake plant.

If you’re a first-time grower of succulents, you don’t have to worry about keeping a close eye on them or poring over thick plant care guides. The only thing to remember is that succulents can drown if given too much water. You must only water them if the ground or pot they’re planted in is dry. You may have to stick a finger into the soil to check its moisture.

  1. Improve Indoor Air Quality

In general, succulents and other houseplants help improve the air quality indoors. You need plants inside your home to remove contaminants and toxins produced by air fresheners, cleaners, and other chemical-based substances.

The snake plant can help remove toxic elements and filter indoor air even at night. By putting one in your bedroom, you could make the air around you flow better while you sleep. That’s why it’s one succulent plant you should consider putting inside your room or anywhere in your home.

  1. Great Decorative Options

Succulents are incredibly pleasant to have in your house. They come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, so you can use them as decorative pieces for your home interior. These plants make great choices for filling empty spaces.

You can grow them in colorful teapots or plant them in small glass bowls and turn them into table centerpieces. You can even plant them in picture frames to decorate your walls. If you want, you can grow them in a glass container that’s hanging from the ceiling, put them in a dim corner of the room, rest them on a windowsill, or use them to brighten up a dull bookcase in your bedroom.

  1. May Provide Medicinal Benefits

What can be a more practical reason for owning succulents than enjoying medicinal benefits? Yes, you read that right. Many succulent plants have medicinal uses and are edible, too. So suppose you’re exploring the beauty and benefits of indoor plants. In that case, you should try out the two succulent varieties that offer health benefits and thrive beautifully inside homes: yucca and aloe vera.

Aloe vera may help soothe minor cuts and rashes. In South America, boiling yucca roots and drinking the concoction as tea is believed to help lower cholesterol levels and ease arthritic pain.

  1. Perfect For A Mini Indoor Garden

You don’t have to plant your succulents one by one. They tend to grow to the size of their containers, so even if they’re larger in the wild, you can contain their growth inside your home. Different varieties of succulent plants can thrive together as well. You can put several succulents in the same container to create a terrarium or a tray garden.

However, you must make sure that the succulents you plant together have the following characteristics:

  • Share similar water needs
  • Have comparable rates of growth
  • Have the same sunlight or shade requirements
  1. Less Demanding Flowering Plants

Many people love to grow flowering plants, both inside and outside their homes. Flowers can instantly revitalize a place and help improve people’s moods. However, flowering plants are just too hard to maintain because they require frequent attention. To thrive, many flowering plants need constant watering, fertilizers, trimming, and misting, among other things.

You may already be amazed by a succulent plant’s fleshy leaves because they come decorated with spots, spikes, contrasting colors, and patterns. But another reason to grow them indoors is their beautiful and interesting flowers. If you want a flowering plant that you only have to fertilize as many as four times during the warm months and practically forget about them during the fall and winter seasons, then a succulent plant is what you need.

Some beautiful, low-maintenance flowering succulent plants you may want to grow indoors are Flaming Katy, peanut cactus, pincushion cactus, and purple ice plant.

  1. Exciting Features To Match Any Interior

It’s easy to find a succulent type that’ll match the design theme of your home because these plants come in different colors and unique shapes and have interesting features. You’ll never get bored of growing this plant variety because it brings certain surprises.

For example, some succulents turn orange or red when exposed to sunlight—only to turn back to dark green when placed back in the shade. You can find succulents that look spectacular when hung from the ceiling because they grow long leaves. Lastly, there are dark purple and black succulents to match the mood and style of those who like dark and gothic designs.


Growing succulent plants indoors can have many benefits. Apart from improving your home interior’s aesthetics, succulents can offer health benefits like filtering the air to remove toxic substances. They come in different shapes and leaf patterns to match any indoor arrangement. But the best part about having these plants is that they can thrive even with minimal care. You don’t have to worry too much about watering them or when to add fertilizers.

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