Are your roof shingles cracked, damaged, or curling? Is your home suffering from roof vent issues or leakage? These are all indications that your lovely home requires some assistance. Maybe it’s time for a new roof. A new roof is a pricey investment and, if properly installed, will increase the value of your home and provide you with peace of mind. It is a challenging task, so it should be left to the roofing professionals like Exterior Plus. They guarantee the task is completed correctly.

Moreover, if you want to be confident that you’ve chosen the best roofing contractor for the job, you also want a good deal. How do you distinguish between good roofing companies and those that aren’t? You can find out by asking different questions to each roofing company you select. Continue reading to learn what questions to ask a roofing company before deciding.

Top 8 questions to ask before hiring a roofing contractor

  1. What is your area of expertise?

It may seem obvious. You are, indeed, hiring a roofing contractor to repair your roof. But it is critical to ensure that the roofing contractor you hire is a roofing expert because each company has its area of expertise.

  1. Is there a local office of your company in the area?

There are considerable benefits to hiring a local contractor from your community. A local contractor is more familiar with the area’s rules and codes and has good relationships with local suppliers. A local contractor also reduces the possibility of fraud. Furthermore, they can easily reach and resolve any repair issue faster than a contractor whose office is located outside your region.

  1. Do you have insurance and a license? Do you have any proof?

The license is the state or municipality’s permission to operate as a roofer. The insurance is the policy they have to ensure that if anything goes wrong, their insurance will pay. Both of these are essential for any roofer to have. You can avoid scams by requesting proof of the roofer’s license and insurance, and if they cannot provide it, be aware.

What if they aren’t even a roofing contractor? What happens if they aren’t insured, and someone falls from the roof and sues you as the property owner? There are far too many conceivable pitfalls, and the best way to protect yourself is to ensure that your roofing company is insured and licensed.

  1. How long have you been involved with roofing?

Maybe it is not always fair to assume that companies that have only been in business for a few years are less competent. Still, if a roofer has decades of experience, you can be confident that they will do a good job and are a trustworthy company.

If you don’t believe a company has been in business long enough to have established a trustworthy reputation, inquire if there are any ongoing projects you can look at or if they can provide a list of testimonials or recommendations from previous pleased customers. A trustworthy roofer should be proud to refer you to previous customers.

  1. Do you provide a warranty, and what type of warranties do you provide?
  2. wr 8 questions to ask your roofing company before the job starts

Because not all roofing companies provide warranties, it’s critical to know what you’re getting into ahead of time. Choose a company that provides a generous warranty on their work. A new roof is an expensive investment. You want at least one warranty to protect your investment. Warranties can cover the cost of labor, materials, or both.

A roof warranty typically lasts a year, though some roofers provide more extended warranties. Manufacturers typically provide materials warranties, and roofers typically provide labor warranties. Because these are two distinct warranties, inquire with the roofer about the coverage and length. But remember, an extended warranty may increase the overall cost of your estimate.

  1. In how much time will the project be finished?

They must complete roofing projects as soon as possible. If they aren’t, it may harm certain roofing materials. The installation should take 1 to 3 days or more for more significant buildings, depending on the roof size. A good roofing company will provide you with an estimated timeline based on their experience over the years.

  1. Can I get written estimates from you?

A written estimate is a must-have document before hiring a roofing company. It contains all expenses and costs associated with the project, and it will protect you from any later surprises that aren’t the result of necessary repairs and materials.

It is essential to ask for a detailed, written price quote before you sign any contracts. A roofer who refuses to provide you with a written estimate should raise an immediate red flag, as they may later claim that specific fees were unavoidable.

  1. To whom can I get in touch if I have questions?

The roofing company should provide a physical address and a phone number. An individual should be stationed in their office to answer phones and direct calls to the appropriate staff member. If they do not have a physical address or phone number, this is cause for concern. It also ensures that the company is local, allowing them to address any problems arising.


In conclusion, before hiring a roofing company, you should ask them the above-given questions. Although this is not an exhaustive list, we hope these questions help you get one step closer to finding a knowledgeable and dependable roofing company that can handle your roof replacement seamlessly.

Remember that a reputable roofing contractor has most likely heard all of these questions before and can provide you with answers at the drop of a hat. You have nothing to fear by being truthful, expressing your concerns, and asking for clarification if you don’t understand something.

Asking these eight crucial roofing questions will ensure that you hire a reputable roofer who is prepared to do the job correctly. Now that you’re fully prepared to make an informed decision about which company to hire for your roof replacement, you should begin weighing your options and get in touch with the experts.

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