The first day in your new home is an experience which you will remember for life. You put in your heart and soul into getting the very best Italian marbles, top notch bathroom and kitchen fittings from Hausera, the perfect lamps and lights, invested so much thoughts into the brightest paint choices and more. All that stress, excitement and hard work finally comes down to the priceless moment of your first step in. But before you enter and start living in your new house, there are a few things to look into.

Make sure all debris is removed

Before you move in it is of utmost important to ensure that all the debris and junk from the construction are cleared away. If needed get it professionally cleaned. Leftover nails, splinters etc are potentially dangerous for humans and pets walking around.

Check up on all fixtures

Check up on all the fixtures around the place and ensure they are all fitted properly and nailed solid. A wobbly railing, a loose false ceiling or a poorly finished stair can cause accidents. Moreover, a repair beforehand is cheaper than getting one later.

Get pest control done

Before you enter your house, get a thorough pest control, including protection against termites done. You wouldn’t want to deal with those pesky pests in your new place. It is safest to get a precautionary pest control done before they cause damage.

Ensure running water

Water is an essential thing you will need in your house. Do a thorough check around the house to ensure that all lines to your taps, shower, flush etc. are connected and working. Leaks and drainage problems can cause water damage to the house.

Check the security

Before you move in with your belongings, ensure that all the doors and windows are properly fixed and can be locked. If you plan on installing any other security feature, do it beforehand.

Check for electrical faults

Check all the electrical switches and connections very thoroughly. The moment you enter the house you will need to start using electricity, be it for lights and charging or for your appliances. Check for electrical faults as short circuits can even cause fires.

Check the sewer lines

This is an extremely important part which you absolutely need to check before you start living in your house. Without the proper working of sewage system around, not only will there be foul smell, there is a higher chance of bacteria festering in the house as well. Get them cleaned up and maintained especially if it is a renovated home.

Get all your papers in order

Last, but not the least, get all your property acquisition, maintenance and tax documents along with any renovation permission or any other papers in order to avoid legal hassles.

A house is more than just a building. It is a dream come true, a place which you make home. Therefore, it is best that you ensure everything is in order before you decide to move in.