Upgrading furniture, nightstands, using long drapes, mirrors, and a few pieces of artwork are necessary to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel room.

Have you wondered why people always fascinate spending time in the hotel room? That’s because of the well-curated & clutter-free ambiance of the hotel room. Likewise, with a few quick tips, you can transform your ordinary bedroom into a luxurious hotel room.

To achieve a sophisticated & rich look you do not need to splash tons of money. However, you need some insight & wit about furnishing your bedroom.

Giving your room a lavish & aesthetic look requires prioritizing certain factors. Depending on your room’s overall size & condition, you need to consider a thoughtful & detailed approach to decorating your bedroom like a luxury hotel room.

The tips here can help you make your bedroom feel like a luxurious hotel accommodation

1. Use Lots Of Pillows

Pillows can completely change the ordinary look of your room. However, regular pillows will not impart such an excellent vibe. You need to buy custom pillows of various shapes & sizes to convey that cozy feeling.

Also, you need to have a bed that supports the headboard. Otherwise, it will fail to complement the room’s ambiance & rich look. First, place the typical pillows in front of the headboard.

Next, place the custom pillows of rectangular, circular, or oval shapes. Keep the size of these pillows bigger than the typical ones. Accent pillows also work nicely in decorating the bed and go well with luxury sheet sets.

Keep in mind that only one-third of the bed should be covered with these pillows. You can also try layering blankets to further complement the decoration.

2. Upgrade Your Hardware

It’s important to upgrade your decade-old furniture that is way past its heyday. You can follow two different approaches here. If you are up for spending hefty amounts, buy new, trendy ones to decorate your bedroom.

If you are tight on budget, you can update the existing ones. Upgrading doesn’t cost much. For upgrading your furniture, make sure it imparts an aesthetic look from the traditional one. For starters, you can update your doorknobs to give them a crystal or copper look.

Some tiny adjustments can also go a long way while changing the look. For instance, replace the existing nightstands or lampshades with a new one.

3. Proper Use Of Mirrors

One of the alluring features of luxurious hotel rooms is the placement of mirrors. It plays a vital role in the aesthetic. If you don’t have any mirrors in your bedroom, get one.

Even if you have one, chances are your mirror is a decade-old. A plain mirror imparts a cheap & inferior look. So, get rid of such mirrors, and replace them with either an oval or rectangular-shaped mirror.  Such mirrors can complement your bedroom’s overall atmosphere. You can apply a different approach too. If you have nightstands, you can try placing two mirrors on each side of the nightstands.

If money isn’t a concern for you, buy an antique-brass mirror. It certainly adds a sophisticated & rich look to any room. Otherwise, keep track of auctions, search the market or buy a second-hand one.

4. Long Curtains

Curtains are another crucial part of a bedroom to transform the look into a  lux one. Having a conventional short curtain may fail to execute the feeling you want to impart in your room. While choosing curtains, you need to be precise, careful & selective.

The design & color combination of the drapes are crucial for an aesthetic ambiance. Choose color & design that complements the overall theme of your bedroom.

Another plus point of getting long curtains is that your windows will look bigger & you will get a spacious feeling. Also, keep in mind the handles of the curtains. If you select a cheap rod, you will send a poor vibe to others. There are plenty of customized rods available that can suit your room’s desired shape. Do a little research & you will find the perfect size for your windows.

5. Plenty Of Lighting

Lighting is significant to impart a glamorous feel to your bedroom. Sufficient lighting always gives friendly, vibrant feelings. Hence, prioritize changing the conventional boob lights.

Different types of trendy lights are available in the market. Buy one to give that desired look.

You can also add lights like a chandelier, a drum-shaped pendant, or a uniquely designed lamp. Updating the light switches is also essential and finally, switching to dimmer lights is also a great choice.

6. Distribute Artworks Across The Room

Paintings can add classy & sophisticated spirit to any room. That said, most people place or hang the artworks in the living-room. Although artworks can easily attract people, there’s no harm in redistributing those in different parts of the house.

If you have grown a fondness for one particular artwork, you can place it in your bedroom. Placing artworks in the bedroom is posh & gives an expensive look. You can hang them from the wall or place them beside the nightstands or armoire.

7. Declutter The Place

Even if you have expensive furniture and artwork in the room, a messy state can hinder the impression you want to give. That said, you need to make sure your room is well organized and decluttered.

Remove any of the unwanted objects from the room, like semi-opened/unopened cans of drinks, empty chips packets, scrap papers, unopened mails, dirty clothes stacked in one corner, etc. are the most common sorts of clutter. These need to be removed and organized.

Try to keep your nightstand clean & tip-toe with only a few books, magazines & vases, or lampshades.

8. Use Aesthetic Nightstands

Nightstands can change the whole atmosphere of the room if chosen wisely. Although the main objective of using a nightstand is to provide space for works, a slight modification can be attractive.

Firstly, you need to declutter the nightstands. Don’t keep everything on the nightstands. If required, place the less essential objects in the drawer. Only keep a few necessary items on top like a book, magazine, or a flower vase, etc.

Applying finishes like brass or crystal can look alluring. If you desire, a shagreen or mirror finish on the surface of the nightstand surface can add to the beauty of your nightstand.

Final Thoughts

Obtaining a luxurious hotel-like appearance doesn’t require spending tons of money. These quick tips are cost-effective & can help you make your bedroom look and feel like a luxury hotel.

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