Do you want to make your outdoor hangout area extra chic and fabulous? Have you been finding ways to enhance its aesthetics and use? If you’re the type of person who loves spending a few minutes every day to breathe in some fresh air, or lounge outside of your home, it’s essential to set up beautiful garden loungers.

Not only can you benefit from it in your me-time, but it will also be a refreshing area to entertain guests, family, and friends at home. And another bonus is that having these unique loungers creates a better outdoor atmosphere, resulting in increased home value.

To get you started on revamping your garden or outdoors, here are some loungers to consider:

  1. Folding Sun Lounger

When choosing a sun lounger, you must consider one that is suitable to withstand all kinds of weather. Especially when you live in a location that has four seasons, going for a rattan weave and aluminum frame should sustain the wear and tear caused by the changing weather.

You can find such materials in the Sarasota Folding Rattan Sunlounger from Garden Centre Shopping. It’s made of good rattan weave, increasing your confidence in having this lounger last a long time in your garden. Keep in mind to store the cushions of the seats when they’re not in use.

One fantastic feature of this garden furniture is that it can be folded so you can store it easily. And it won’t consume much space in your storage area. It also looks stylish, and will add more aesthetic value to your garden area. Allow your outdoor area to flourish stylishly with this foldable sun lounger.

Sarasota-Sun-Lounger-2-800x600-1 8 Trendy And Best Outdoor Garden Loungers To Consider

Sarasota Folding Rattan Sunlounger from Garden Centre Shopping

  1. Rattan Day Bed

There are so many ways you can incorporate a rattan day bed into your home. These are functional pieces that allure everyone in the family to come out during the day, and spend some hours under the sun. It’s also a lovely area to wait for the sun to set as you sip wine, read a book, and just clear your thoughts.

Your backyard needs a rattan day bed to make it more comfortable and relaxing to hang out in. They serve as furnishings for your exterior spaces, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and create an inviting atmosphere. Hence, you can invite your friends and family over and have a great outdoor time in your garden.

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Rattan daybeds are waterproof, so they are ideal for outdoor use. Therefore, you can display them outdoors all year long, without worrying about natural elements damaging them. The only possible time you need to store them (if you prefer) is during snowy seasons, as heavy snowfall might cover them up entirely. Other than that, it won’t require any storage space.

  1. Garden Sofa Set

It’s a great idea to expand your living space out into your garden over the summer. With the help of this contemporary designed garden sofa set, summer just gets better and better. You can enjoy the sunny weather while lounging on this sofa set.

AdobeStock_42819767 8 Trendy And Best Outdoor Garden Loungers To Consider

Choose something that has a wooden material, is weather-resistant, and is crafted to be lightweight. Having it in rust-resistant aluminum frames will make it sturdier and practical. In the winter, all that needs to be stored are the seat and back cushions. The base unit can be left outdoors year-round. You can even apply tips on styling your sofa to make it look extra plush and comfy.

With the entire set adding finesse to your outdoors, it’s a wise investment indeed. You can also find seats that come with shelving units on the side, so you can place some barbecue and outdoor snacks when entertaining family and guests.

  1. Metal Bistro Set

If you have limited space in your patio or balcony, going for an outdoor bistro set won’t fail you. Having a small garden isn’t a limitation that you must dwell in, as there will always be excellent garden furniture that still suits your atmosphere and vibe. This bistro set is minimalist in design, and should be enough to fit any of your alfresco dining areas. Whether you place it on your lawn, on the balcony, or on the patio, it will look great, and remain functional.

Choose one that has a modern metal design that comes with powder-coated steel folding chairs. Having them in a collapsible feature will make them easy to store and keep when not in use. They could also be dried up quickly after rainfall. You probably can’t wait to invite your best friend over, and spend some time in your bistro set.

  1. Rattan Egg Chair

This garden furniture is perfect for those who love to use unique designs and concepts. Since it’s made of rattan, this becomes a must-have for all homebodies, allowing you to enjoy its comfort and robustness. Egg chair design makes it an excellent way for you to just lounge outdoor while reading books, and spending some me-time. You can add in extra soft cushions, and you’ll enjoy plenty of room to curl up and be mesmerized with the book you’re reading.

There are plenty of deck design ideas you can go for. You won’t have any trouble matching it with a table or other seats with this egg chair. Rattan also goes pretty well with any home theme and design, so it will be easy for you to mix and match everything.

  1. Table And Bench Seats

Another garden furniture that is a must-have for larger families and households are table and bench seats. They’re spacious enough to accommodate eight to twelve people so you can host reunions, or lunch dates with the gang. Or invite your friend’s family over. The bench seats are comfortable to sit in, and practical to use, too.

This outdoor set is an excellent addition to your love for alfresco dining. Having them in rust-resistant aluminum material is preferred to increase their lifespan and quality.

  1. Tree Trunk Table

If you want something relatively creative, unique, and artsy, go for a tree trunk table. It’s handmade and created from resin-sealed wood. It’s usually accented with a glass tabletop, and can be used as a table for guests, family, and friends when spending time outdoors.

This table can easily be matched with any chairs and seats, perfect for an outdoor lunch or dinner event. Let this fantastic art piece of furniture becomes the focal point in your garden.

  1. Reclining Chair

A reclining chair is what you need if you want to simply laze around outdoors from time to time. This chair can be changed into a horizontal position by pushing it gently backward.

As the chair is reclined, the curved form allows your legs to be elevated just above your heart for optimal relaxation. It also boasts armrests so you can have an overall relaxing position. When the air is cool, and you spend some siesta time, it won’t be a surprise if you easily fall into a slumber in this unique chair.


Selecting the right garden furniture for your outside space is just as important as picking the right furniture for your indoors. This adds aesthetic value and practical functionality. It increases family time spent outdoors. So, consider all the garden loungers mentioned above, and you’ll have unforgettable memories outdoors all the time.

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