Many consider wall art as a form of beautification to their dull and plain walls. Truth be told, designing the wall is least prioritized and sometimes neglected by most interior designers. When all the paint has dried and furniture has been purchased, the regret comes as soon as they notice that the wall and house elements do not complement each other. Ignoring the wall space means missing out on a designing opportunity. It is only necessary to give significance to this specific area of your home because it can easily make or break the entire concept or theme you are aiming for.

To help you with the wall dilemma, here are some tips to consider:


  • Setting up a wall gallery

You probably have hundreds of photos kept in your phones, laptops, or any gadget that can hold such digital files. Since these are memories you treasure, you do not want them removed from your devices. But it’s taking up too much space on their memory and you’re wondering how to keep them without being permanently deleted. Why not set up a permanent wall gallery where you can have those photos displayed and you can glance from time to time? It lets you look back at the times and can also enhance your interior. Likewise, they could function as centerpieces and are also suitable at any part of your home. Lastly, these are affordable pieces of decorations that would surely lighten your home’s atmosphere.


  • Plan the layout of your photo display

This is one of the most important processes in setting up a wall display because this is where the materials are decided, the area where items are going to be displayed and whether the arrangement complements the design of the house. Choose where you want your displays to be set and as much as possible, take the measurements of all the spots where you intend your galleries to be seen. From then on, select the type of wall decorations or frames that could look good with the overall house design. Set a fixed budget to help you monitor your purchases for the duration of this project.


  • Sticking paper posters

If you’re into mosaics and collages of your photos, then posters could be a way to display them. Select photos that match the aesthetic appeal of your home and have them printed on high-quality paper. Make sure the colors are saturated or tinted enough to be seen from far away. Also, stick it on the wall with adhesives that are guaranteed to last long.


  • Metal wall art 

Metal wall art is a great way to make your wall space stunning. Having your photos attached on a metal photo panel makes your wall organized. We suggest that your photos should include landscapes and sceneries you’ve seen from your travels. It is also better if you divide the photo into three sections so the display would look more like a puzzle which could be a creative layout of the frames.


  • Acrylic or glass wall art as wall decorations

Acrylic or glass frames can be ultimately pleasing to the eye when you have your photos displayed on the wall because of their sleek and attractive appearances. It helps highlight every detail of your photo and the color gets more enhanced. It also protects your photo well and produces that three-dimensional effect for a more interactive display. It is suitable for areas such as above your bed or couch and kitchen bar. The kitchen wall décor will add a personal touch and texture to the otherwise dull and boring walls.


  • Attach some shelves to hold your items well

If you’re quite anxious about displaying your items on the wall because of the possibility that they might fall, you can have shelves attached to hold them properly. You can have wood, glass, or acrylic shelves placed so that it doesn’t only hold your items but would also look neat and organized. But, if you want a more durable material for your shelf, metal is the best option.


  • Adding canvas photo frames

Canvas photo frames could be a neat option for a chic wall display. What’s great about these frames is that it has no glare effect, unlike acrylic or glass photo frames because of its satin finish-matte finish. It could still look attractive even if displayed in brightly lit areas. In addition, It doesn’t produce reflections which could be an obstruction when you take photos of your gallery. Another benefit is that it is also is versatile in terms of quality since it does not deteriorate even if you put your canvas photos frames anywhere in the house. Aside from it being a cheaper option than other frames, it is also available in various sizes and almost any photo can look good with it.


  • Displaying wall art on the staircase

Since the staircase is one of the most accessible places in your home, why not exert the time to decorate the wall surrounding it? You can set up a mini gallery on the wall or on the balusters and handrail. People can easily view and appreciate the photos or cherished items you’ve displayed. Just make sure you’ve attached the items very well so they won’t easily fall on those using the stairs.


  • Setting up a mantelpiece wall display

If your home has a fireplace, a mantel built on its top could also be a good way to highlight it. Adding a mantel will automatically transform the feel of your home and exude feelings of comfort and warmth. Depending on the material you’ve chosen for your mantel, you have to ensure that it goes with the design of your house. 

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