Your home should act as a haven away from the stressors of the outside world. Outside of the home, you will have external issues that could negatively affect your mental health, and you will want your home to be somewhere to relax and forget about these issues for a short while. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve your home to help you feel more comfortable. This article will focus on interior design choices that could help you make this happen.

It may not seem that important, but how you shape your living space can have a drastic impact on your thought processes. You will always want to make your home a positive atmosphere, so here are a few interior design choices that can help to feel more comfortable.

Relaxing Furniture

Coming home from a hard day’s work should feel as if you are being embraced by a warm blanket. However, you may struggle to achieve this without the right furniture. You don’t have to make all your furniture the centre of this focus. Just one cosy armchair or sofa is enough to give you the room to kick back and relax at the end of the day. Use this to unwind at the end of the day. You deserve it. What’s more, you can up the ante by investing in furniture with a reclining feature.

Use Natural Lighting

Not every aspect of the outside world is going to contribute to you feeling uncomfortable. In fact, there are some aspects that you want to try and bring into your home, such as natural lighting. The sun’s light has been proven to increase the brain’s functions, one of which is the secretion of the mood enhancer known as serotonin.

As you can see, getting more natural light is only going to improve your mood and help you feel more comfortable even if you are indoors. Ensure you are opening up the windows whenever possible to bring in natural lighting and fresh air.

Bring In Plants

Another aspect of the outside world that can help you relax comes in the shape of plants. One reason for this is that these indoor plants can help to simulate the same experience as being outside. Therefore, your mind is tricked into thinking that you are with nature in the natural light. You already know why this aspect is beneficial.

However, indoor plants can also increase the flow of oxygen in a room. Your body needs oxygen to function correctly, and so too does your mind. With more oxygen in the home, your brain has more of the tool it needs to keep your mood regulated. As such, you should probably think about including some of these plants around your home. Both English Ivy’s and Peace Lily’s have been proven to aid people who suffer from depression specifically.

Use Wall Panelling

There are a range of changes you can make to your walls to make them look warmer and more modern, which in turn can help you feel more comfortable at home. For example, you could look into wall panelling and cladding options which can help transform a room. Tongue and groove cladding, like the ones from CNC Creations, are supplied pre-cut to size, making it very easy to fit. In addition, their cladding is made from the highest quality Moisture Resistant MDF making the task of painting it, in your preferred designer colour, far less labour intensive. In no time, you will have beautiful looking walls that give you desired effect and a home that you will feel relaxed in and proud of for many years to come.

Less Is More

You should be doing all that you can to remove stress from your home, as that will make it difficult to be comfortable, otherwise. You are more likely to feel stressed when you have a lot on your plate, and feeling cramped can only add to this sensation. You may not be able to do much about this issue in your workspace but keeping a clean home can provide you with an environment in which to relax properly.

You can do this by removing any unnecessary furniture that you have, or by keeping a tidy home. There is a reason why the Japanese perfected the art of feng shui, and you may find these tips helpful in your personal journey to reduce your stress.

Fresh Scents

Human beings are very sensory creatures. Your brain forges associations between certain stimuli and emotions very quickly. Therefore, if you introduce yourself to some of this stimulus in your home, you are far more likely to relax in its presence. The best sense to manipulate in this way is your sense of smell. You can include all manner of different scents in your home to trigger a relaxed sensation the second you walk through your front door, helping you to feel more comfortable. Some people use citrus-based air fresheners, while others may put out something more natural like popery. Furthermore, you can use these scents in your daily life to reduce stress if you need a quick boost.

Add Some Colour

Studies have shown that different colours can affect our mood. As such, you will need to be mindful of what colours you include in your interior design. Blue, for example, is often related to low moods and sadness. Red is associated with anger, so it should be avoided by those who experience high levels of stress. On the other hand, yellow can also be associated with relaxation and joy, while green can provoke harmony in a room. You do not have to paint your entire room in these colours, but little splashes here and there on a rug or throw pillow can promote well-being in your home.

Art As A Reminder

It is normal for you to drift into a negative thought spiral when struggling with your mental health. An absence of happiness can leave you feeling low, and you may think that it will be a long time before you can achieve this level of happiness again.

This is perfectly natural during any stage of your life, even if these negative thoughts are far from the truth. The best way to deal with these thoughts is to leave yourself little reminders around your home of things that make you feel joy. This can include works of art, photos of family and friends, or even a souvenir from a recent trip. Try to keep these items at hand and they can act as a lifeline when times get tough.

Remove Work As A Distraction

In today’s economic climate, it is normal to find yourself working from home. In these circumstances, it can be difficult to create a mindful space in your home as this is also the environment that makes you stressed.

In situations like this, it is essential to set up an office space in a remote part of the house that can be tucked away out of sight. You can easily achieve this with a laptop and foldaway desk. Just as reminders of your happy experiences can improve your mood, reminders of work can cause stress to follow you. Make sure you keep these items out of sight in your chosen relaxation space and you should be able to keep it as a place helps you stay comfortable.


If you want to be comfortable at home, then there is a lot of work that you can do. If you have a house that makes you stressed, then you should strive to turn it into a house that makes you feel comfortable. These tips should be able to help you make that happen.

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