A cluttered countertop diminishes even the most well-designed kitchens. Regardless of expensive marble materials or state-of-the-art appliances, it’s impossible to look past a mess piling up on counters. To maintain the appearance of your kitchen, it’s essential to master the art of organization. Keeping surfaces orderly and clean also prevents bacteria build-up and decreases your chances of getting sick.

Are you ready to get organized? Consider these seven tips for keeping kitchen countertops squeaky clean.

Harness the power of built-in appliances

Built-in appliances elevate any kitchen design and are ideal for homes lacking in square footage. They blend seamlessly into existing cabinetry, meaning there is one less surface you’ll have to clean. From fridges to ovens, you can choose from various appliances to achieve a sleek and minimalist look. Wall oven microwave combos are popular built-in models and save valuable counter space by offering a two-in-one function. To find your dream microwave oven combo, start your search at reliable retailers like Goedeker’s.

Declutter as much as possible

You’d be surprised at how much counter space you will free by tossing out unnecessary clutter. Start by removing things you don’t use or need, like duplicate cutlery and paper scraps. Reorganize that bulky items like coffee makers or toasters can be easily stored in cabinets or carts. As a rule of thumb, try to keep only the absolute essentials on kitchen surfaces.

Use trays or stands

If you must store small items on counters, group them in stylish trays or stands. By organizing things in containers, you avoid the appearance of random clutter and instead achieve a carefully curated countertop look. Don’t be afraid to get creative when choosing your containers. Try storing different items on decorative plates, bowls, or turntables.

Utilize walls

If you can’t store every item in cabinets, look to your kitchen walls for a unique storage opportunity. Open shelves are easy to install and are great for displaying dining sets. For small kitchen tools, hang a simple hook-and-rail system that allows for quick access. Pegboards are a great addition to wall storage and can keep your mug collection in order.

Attach cutting boards to cabinet doors

Strap bulky cutting boards to the inside of cabinetry for a smart space-saving solution. Not only will it free up valuable counter space, but you will also have quick access to them without digging through drawers.

Add an island

Kitchen islands are all the rage right now, and for a good reason. The additional counter space is perfect for food preparation, and the extra storage is ideal for organizing less-used items. Islands come in various sizes and models, including rolling islands that are easily moved to where they’re needed most.

Use your pantry door

To fully utilize your pantry, hang baskets on the inside of the door. Store smaller consumables or spices on an over-the-door organizer and use the deeper shelves for bigger appliances. Utilizing every inch of your pantry for storage clears up valuable countertop space.

Final thoughts

Keeping kitchen counters clean is essential for maintaining a healthy and stylish kitchen. With storage solutions and regular decluttering, your countertops will remain mess-free and beautiful.

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