Finding your style is far easier said than done. There is an infinite number of styles out there, all instantly available to view courtesy of the internet. With such an overload of styles, it can be difficult to know which one you like the best (especially since they all look pretty good!). Constantly redesigning your home and adjusting your style, however, can cost a lot of money, so it is critical that you find your style before implementing it in your home, lest you waste a fortune. Finding your style has never been easier, thanks to this page, and not only will this page hope to tell you how to find your decorating style, but it will also tell you how you can achieve it.

Here is a guide to finding your home decorating style and how you can achieve it.

Finding Your Style

Finding your style can be difficult, especially when there are so many different styles available for you to copy online and offline. Finding your style, however, should be finding YOUR style, not the style of somebody else’s. With the help of the points below, you will be able to find your style and make your home your own, rather than somebody else’s. Here is how you can find your style effectively and efficiently.

Type of Furniture

The first thing you must consider when you are establishing the style that you like the most is the furniture you want. There are many different types of furniture, all catering to specific styles. You can buy hardwood furniture, metal furniture, plastic furniture, synthetic furniture, and many more. The type of furniture that you buy will further help to create the aesthetic that you are going for. To narrow down the options with regard to the style of design that you will end up opting for, establish which type of furniture is your favorite. The oak specialists of Only Oak Furniture explain that oak, for example, is contemporary, but can meet a number of stylish and unique designs. If you chose oak, for example, as the type of furniture that you like best, it will be easier for you to create uniformity and an overall style in your home.

Age of Furniture

Once you have established a type of furniture that you like the best, you should establish the age of the furniture that you are going to buy and use to design your home. If you prefer older pieces of furniture, this is indicative that you may benefit more from a vintage design style than a more modernized one – and equally, if you prefer modern furniture, you may prefer a modernized aesthetic over an aged and vintage one. Some aged furniture, however, can look very good with modern furniture – so you can blend the two if you want to, but that is a style in and of itself.

Color of Furniture and Walls

When you have decided on the age and the type of furniture and accessories that you will be bringing into your home, you should decide on the color of the furniture and the color you will be painting or repapering your walls. The color should complement the age and style of furniture that you have decided upon and should never clash. The color will further help to create the aesthetic that you are going for and is one of the most important things to take into consideration. Colour used improperly can ruin your aesthetic and can render your efforts to redesign your home in vain.

Achieving Your Style

Once you have established the three points listed above, you will be able to move on to achieve your style. Achieving your style is just as difficult as finding it and may mean having to visit a bunch of different stores and retailers to get what you need.

Thrift and Charity Stores

For more aged aesthetics, thrift stores and charity stores can be a great option. Thrift and charity stores can offer you aged and vintage furniture that looks awesome and compliments your style design. Thrift and charity stores are also VERY cheap, for those who are budget conscious.

2-1 A Guide to Finding Your Home Decorating Style and How to Achieve It


For more modern furniture, you can use finance. Modern furniture can cost a lot of money – far too much to redesign an entire house. Finance, however, is a great option, as it allows you to buy the furniture (and build your credit score) and pay it over a fixed period, rather than at once.

Now, with the help of this page, you know how you can redesign and achieve the style that you want. Your home should be your own personal place of reflection – and if the style is not your own – it can never be that. Happy designing!