A table saw is one of the most basic tools in every carpentry workshop, and as it is so popular, there are many different models in stores that differ significantly in terms of capabilities, quality, durability, and price. So, choosing the best table saw of 2020 may be quite tricky.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional enthusiast of woodworks, a table saw is such a universal device that you cannot miss it during processing wood. Even more than a regular saw, a portable saw will work great for you, especially if you like taking your DIY outside the workshop.

Sometimes, in a carpenter’s work, you have to go to the client and cut the necessary wood pieces right on the spot. In this case, it is worth having a portable table saw and be able to pack it in the trunk without much effort.

We have compared the most representative models to help you choose if you wonder which portable table saw to buy.

DeWalt DW745

This is the best choice when you look at its functions in general. It is powerful, portable, and cuts wood very precisely. By “powerful,” we mean a high-torque, 15-amp motor that will easily slice even through the oak wood. This product is actually going to bring your DIY projects to new heights.

Of course, power means nothing without accuracy. But this saw from DeWalt will provide you with precision and smooth cuts on any project. It is perfect both for professionals and amateurs who only implement home crafts. Moreover, this portable table saw will work in even the tiniest workshop due to its small size.

Makita 2705

If you care about a safe device, Makita 2705 will undoubtedly meet your expectations. The blade movement is tightly secured by a protective cover and has two independent anti-kickback pawls that you can hide whenever you want. Even though the blade is well covered, you will have enough access to observe it making contact with the wood.

There are many benefits of using this saw, and besides safety, there is also a variety of use. This function is provided thanks to an adjustable riving knife that can cut wood in 3 different positions. It has an easy-to-use switch with a soft start and an “anti-restart” mode. In any project you carry out, accuracy is of great importance; this is why this model is equipped with a ruler and a scale with large graduation and a magnifying lens to ensure your precision. Besides, there is a possibility to store accessories inside the machine, and if you need it, you can extend the table on the right side of the device a little.

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10

Bosch is one of the companies that enjoy the greatest trust among customers who love working with wood. Their devices will make your work effortless and pleasant. Their portable table saw – Bosch 4100-10 – is equipped with a powerful 15-amp motor, where the drive unit’s entire operation is supervised by an anti-overload system that monitors the condition of the engine and turns it off if there is a risk of overheating and damage.

The worktable top is made of polished aluminum and can be additionally lengthened and widened for safe and comfortable processing of long and wide elements. A very solid parallel guide guarantees stable positioning and guidance, even while cutting very rigid elements. Also, a millimeter scale with a magnifying glass helps to set wood correctly. It is not the lightest device on the market, but its transport is facilitated by handles placed on both sides of the worktop.

Bosch GTS1031

It is a very interesting machine for those who plan to carry a portable saw with them a lot. Bosch GTS1031 comes with a one-hand handle and enables you to proceed with your projects anywhere you are. Its weight is also impressive – only 52 pounds makes this device extremely convenient to use.

You may think that there is no room for a decent motor in such a small device, but you couldn’t be more wrong. This is literally a little monster inside of which you will find a working 15-amp motor that can deal with even the hardest pieces of wood! This is one of the smallest portable saws on the market for those who value mobility.


As you can see, the market is full of various models of portable table saws, but with our guide, you won’t be confused when entering a carpentry shop. Don’t forget to check the engine power if you intend to work with hardwood. Those below 15 amp may not do the job. Also, determine how often you will move the saw to other places. If only once in a while – then you can invest in a larger device. If several times a week – then a small portable saw will be the best solution.

Try to indicate what kind of projects you want to realize most often, and based on that, you will be able to choose the best table saw for you!