In states such as Texas, the warm season lasts most of the year. This means homeowners can benefit from outdoor living spaces such as patios and decks most of the year. But, if the patio or deck has no protection from the strong Texas sun, families might not use the space as much as they could. Adding a roof, or other sun protection can make that valuable outdoor living space more enjoyable and safe to enjoy. There are a number of ways to improve outdoor living space to make it more enjoyable to use.

Why Spend Money On Outdoor Living spaces?

Does anyone really like to spend all their home time indoors? It is a healthy thing to spend time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. The air inside a home can get stuffy and actually be less heathy than outdoor air. Spending part of the time in outdoor living spaces is healthy as well as enjoyable. But, that outdoor living space must have a few features that draw family members to it.

Outdoor home improvement contractors such as Texas Home Improvement can add roofs and other improvements to outdoor spaces within a homeowner’s budget and requirements. Good patio improvement projects that are professionally built or installed can add value and living space to a home. Open patios or decks will benefit from the addition of a roof, a patio cover, or a pergola.

The right contractor is a valuable resource for planning and executing a patio or deck improvement project that will truly benefit a homeowner. Since each home and each homeowner is unique, it is important to use a contractor who will work with each individual to plan a one of a kind solution within a budget. Spending a little money can yield huge benefits to a family by adding healthy outdoor living space that the whole family will enjoy. Small outside areas can be added to to make them more useful, they can have protection from the sun added, and they can have other valuable features added.

7 Great Patio Improvement Projects to Consider

There are numerous patio or deck improvement projects a family can hire a contractor to install or do themselves.

  1. The patio or deck space might be too small for entertaining or cooking outdoors. If it has a cement base, it is not hard to expand the size of the deck or patio. If the base is constructed of wood and is on a second level, or a raised area, the enlargement will be a little more complicated, but possible and worth the effort to gain more space. The key here is to hire a professional contractor to design and do the work.
  2. If the patio or deck space is not protected from the sun, adding a roof, patio cover, or pergola can make the space more enjoyable to use. This is a project for a trusted local outdoor improvement contractor.
  3. Another very good patio and deck improvement project is to repair and improve what is already there. Concrete floors can be patched to repair cracks, holes, and chipping. They can be stained or painted to look new again. Wood decks or patios can be cleaned, repaired and re stained or repainted to look new again. Damaged railings can be replaced or repaired. A patio or deck can have privacy walls added to add a sense of seclusion. This is a big advantage if the deck or patio is visible from the street or neighboring houses.
  4. Purchasing new, more comfortable, useful patio furniture can be a great investment. Outdoor sofas, chairs, or hammocks are all good choices. Invest in an outdoor table and chairs to encourage outdoor eating on nice days. All this nice furniture will turn the outdoor space into an area to entertain family and friends. Along with furniture, add more lighting so the space can be used in the evening. Strings of lights can add a nice ambiance, while ceiling lights can add practical lighting to dine or entertain by.
  5. Add an outdoor kitchen to your patio or deck. This can be simple, like adding a good grill or as complicated as adding the grill, counters, a sink, and a small refrigerator. Some people even add outdoor fireplaces or fire pits. This is another project that is best built by professional contractors.
  6. A patio located in the bright sun can benefit from the addition of trees and shrubs along the outer edges, and potted plants on the patio. The addition of bright colored rugs and pillows can make the space cozy and enjoyable.
  7. Patio built-in benches can replace some railings to add seating as well as defining the patio space. A table can be located near the seating to aid dining or other projects. Adding colorful cushions to these built-ins can add more comfort.

Small DIY Improvements to Add More Enjoyment

After the main patio or deck improvements are finished, it is time for small decorating and fun projects to personalize the deck or patio area of the home. Perfectly good but faded patio furniture can be repainted or the cushions recovered to look bright and new again. Wind chimes can be made at home or purchased to provide a lovely sound created by the wind. Try your hand at growing pretty flowers in pots to add a little of nature’s beauty to your space.

Create some weather resistant artwork with plywood and outdoor paint, then hang them on the walls. Did you know you can tape off a perfect sized rectangle and paint an outdoor rug on the patio or deck floor. It can be any colors or pattern you want. No need to shop for the perfect rug. If the space has a roof, you can hang weather proof curtains to make the space more intimate and finished looking. If the patio has no roo,f you can add a cloth sail or a big umbrella to give the space a little protection from the sun. Add a pile of games for people to play outdoors.

Once the patio or deck has been improved, it will be a wonderful place to spend some family time together.