What has six legs and travels with thousands of friends? If you guessed ants then you are 100% spot on. This pesky bug won’t generally hurt you, (although some do bite), but they aren’t welcome house guests so having a good strategy for how to get rid of ants is invaluable.

Here we have a great resource to share with you – a clear step-by-step guide to help you get those ants out of your life – quickly. The time to act is the moment you first see even one of the critters inside, as a solo ant is probably the scout searching for a food source before inviting its family to the party.

Step 1 – Give the kitchen a thorough clean and tidy

It is probably already looking clean and tidy, but ants will find any crumb, any scrap, so this is the time to check everything eatable is in sealed containers, all crumbs are cleaned off surfaces, trash is emptied, and dishes washed or in the dishwasher. Sweep the floor and mop up pooled water on any surface as ants like that too.

Step 2 – Find their entry point

As well as the typical open doors and windows look closely for cracks in walls too. You may need a magnifying device to help. To save time you can leave out a sweet treat to attract them.

Step 3 – Track the nest down

Follow your visitors trail and tackle the net. You need to get rid of it to avoid the ants returning when evicted from your home. There are lots of suggestions online for how to kill the nest, including recommendations for boric acid, orange peel in water, soapy water etc.

Step 4 – Kill the trail and those left in the home

There are lots of organic recipes or concoctions which people claim will eradicate the scent trail the scout ant leaves like a paper trail to alert other ants to a food source. The entire scent trail, as well as any cupboards, drawers and work areas the ants have managed to get to inside your home need to be thoroughly cleaned with a product that will kill any ants still around.

You can make many of these cleaning products yourself with items from your store cupboard.

Here are a few examples:

  • Mix water with white vinegar and spray on the ants directly, as well as surfaces they have used. (This is a useful spray for maintaining an ant free home in the future as they dislike the vinegar).
  • Mix a cup of water to a capful of liquid soap and use as above to kill and clean up after the ants.

Ant proofing

Keeping your kitchen super clean is important but what about when pet food attracts them? The easiest solution is to put the cat or dog food bowl into a shallow dish which has a little soapy water it. The ants won’t go across the water. (Only do this if your pet won’t drink the water either).