People don’t necessarily agree on the idea of installing a TV in a bedroom. Some say that it goes against the well-being of a couple and others that it can be bad for the sleep pattern. This article will show why, on the other hand it can be a great idea to install a television in your bedroom, whether you live alone or not.

Not Everyone is in a Couple

It may seem evident, but too many people take for granted that a TV in a bedroom is bad, just because couples won’t be as close, if they have one. But how about the millions of people sleeping alone? For them, it might just be the best bed companion they can have. It is proven that watching television at night, or reading, tires your eyes and help you fall asleep. You may wake up in the middle of the night and find it is still on, but then you just click the power off, and go right back to sleep.

Even in a small room, there is no reason why you wouldn’t have a television. You can install TV brackets to hold the television on the wall. It will let you adjust its position for better viewing from your bed. When you are done, you just push it back towards the wall, so it takes as little space as possible inside the room.

Sharing TV Time is not such a Bad Idea

In a previous world, where mobile phones and computers did not exist, people use to sit together and watch TV. Now, a majority prefers to sit alone and enjoy their own programs, roam the web endlessly or play games by themselves, on their electronic device. There are even ads of internet providers claiming how wonderful it is to have high-speed internet, so that everyone can use their own device, all alone, in their room.

That might not be such a good idea, if a couple wants to last. Spending time together is a necessity, in order for the day-to-day to make sense to both parties involved. Otherwise, they will quickly lose sight of their common life project. Since no one has that much extra time these days, finding yourself in bed with your loved one, laughing at a sitcom, sharing a great series, or watching something a little more romantic (or even risqué), might just be what the doctor would prescribe for a long-lasting relationship.

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