Glass dry erase boards make a great addition to any restaurant, spicing up reception areas, meeting rooms, and other work areas with sophisticated style. These sleek looking boards come in different colors and sizes creating many design possibilities.

Your restaurant is a business and if you cannot fill it up, then there is a problem. Choosing these boards over traditional looks is a great choice for your customers from an aesthetic perspective. With these erase boards; you can give your restaurant a modern and updated look with an ambience that oozes class.

image001 A Unique look of Restaurant with Glass Dry Erase Boards

How does glass dry erase boards make a difference in the restaurant?

  • Glass Boards are Customizable

One of the best things about such boards is their customizable features. To fit any space in your restaurant, you can customize the size, shape, or color of your board. There are no limits to the amount of boards you can use for your restaurant, you can use as many as possible provided it improves the look of your business. Being customizable is good news for you as you can use it anywhere and anyhow you want.

  • Durability of these boards

image003 A Unique look of Restaurant with Glass Dry Erase Boards

The glass dry erase board is so durable that it can last a lifetime. In fact, most producing companies offer up to 50 years’ warranty because they know the glass is of durable value. These boards are actually 4 to 5 times stronger than normal glass. Therefore, you can go ahead and hang them anywhere in your restaurant without any fear of breakage.

  • Eye catchy view

image005 A Unique look of Restaurant with Glass Dry Erase Boards

The glass board color options are amazing for a late night atmosphere. Get a dry glass board in green, noun black, dark blue or bright pink. However, whatever color you choose, make sure it seamlessly blends with the color of the restaurant for a tantalizing effect. You can combine different colors for a more aesthetic feel. Like the VIP section of your restaurant should have something different from other parts of the restaurant. You can also use these glass boards to project a beautiful view in your restaurant. It can be anything – maybe a wonder of the world, any beautiful city, or even a celebrity. You can project anything eye-catchy and change them by intervals to keep your customers entertained.

  • Wipes completely clean

image007 A Unique look of Restaurant with Glass Dry Erase Boards

The dry erase board is nothing like the traditional white marker boards where you have to use special materials to clean the boards at least once a week before it is 100% clean and marker-free. With dry erase boards, you don’t have to go through that hassle because it wipes completely clean every time.

Where can we utilize glass dry erase boards in restaurants for better functionality?

Editable menu or special announcement

image009 A Unique look of Restaurant with Glass Dry Erase Boards

You can project your restaurant menu on these boards and change the cliché method of customers asking for a paper menu before they can place an order. You can also project special announcements on these boards – maybe you’re doing Christmas giveaways or you have any special offers for your customers, any information that will be of interest to your customers can be projected on the glass board.

Glass Board as Signage

image011 A Unique look of Restaurant with Glass Dry Erase Boards

As mentioned earlier, you can customize the glass boards to any shape or size, which makes it suitable for making signage in your restaurant. From the exterior to the interior of your restaurant, you can help your customers find their way with well-designed signage. From the parking lot to how to find a toilet, you can use these glass boards and make life easy for your customers so they don’t wonder about asking people how to find a rest room or anything else.

These boards can also be used for your restaurant’s sign post with your business name and logo printed on them for an eye-catchy effect. Using clear, frosted, or other glass options along with your printed design, you’ll be able to install a creative signpost that will help your restaurant stand out

Great writing surface

image013 A Unique look of Restaurant with Glass Dry Erase Boards

Glass dry erase board is no doubt one of the best things to ever happen to the dry erase market in a long time and customers just can’t get enough of them especially its authentic appeal. For your staff meetings or conferences, you now have an elegant looking writing surface instead of the white marker boards of old.

Due to its ever growing demands, these boards now come in a magnetic receptive and a regular non-magnetic writing surface. You can even hang magnetic papers on this magnetic glass and write on both the board and the paper. These ultra-durable glass provides you with nothing less than a high quality writing and erasing experience. The writing board can also help you keep records as you can write a to-do list or a note on the board without taking it away. This way, you can monitor whatever you have to do for the day.

Combination of Beautiful pendant lights with glass dry erase boards and some beautiful plants

The kind of serenity you create for your restaurant determines the type of people you’d attract. You can change the aesthetic narrative of your restaurant with good lighting plus a well colored glass board and beautiful plant décor to march. Your restaurant can be a perfect spot for nightlife and a couple’s hangout because it provides a romantic view.

Final thoughts

As a restaurant owner, I am sure you’re always looking for new ways to better the aesthetics of your restaurant to attract top customers. These glass erase boards are one of the ways you can change the look of your restaurant to something cheek and modern. You can use it for countless purposes, be it design, signage or anything else. Whatever you use it for, make sure you give it a color that blends with your restaurant’s walls for a more matured look.

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