Adulting can be hard work. Juggling commitments like full-time work, study, raising children, running a business and the like can mean a stressful time for anyone, even the most level-headed and capable of us.

But it can all be worth it in the end when you’re relaxing at home, surrounded by your family, in a house that you’ve invested in and spent time doing up and decorating. And when it comes to cooking, entertaining and chilling out in the kitchen it can pay to have some quality homewares to enjoy.

But for some of you just starting out on your homeware journey it can be a bit daunting – you need to decide what brands to choose and what style you opt for. Let’s take some of the mystery out of the process with this helpful blog.

In Store or Online?


Ah the age old question – should I purchase my homewares in a shop or go for Quality Homewares Online? There’s a few pros and cons to both. You can often save money by going online as you can find the exact model that you want and do a price comparison via Google or an eBay filter. Yet you can sometimes be fooled into buying counterfeit goods from less than reputable sellers. And then you need to either wait for postage or spring extra for express shipping, but then you have the convenience of your package arriving at your home or work.

In store allows you to see the item first, feel it and enquire about it with a store assistant. You’ll also find the return and refund process easier should your product be faulty or if you just plain change your mind.

Avoid Discount or Bargain Retail Stores


It can be tempting to purchase home furniture and appliances like vacuums, toasters, coffee tables, washing baskets and kettles from discount bargain stores like The Reject Shop, Kmart, Big W or even Freedom.

Yet, as this helpful article states, these often end up breaking soon after purchase and end up out the front in hard rubbish and ultimately resigned to landfill. It’s best to spend that little bit extra on a good quality item and have it stand the test of time rather than seeking bottom dollar bargain prices.

They Need to Match Your Vibe


Before going on your homeware shopping spree, spend some time to think about what sort of vibe you want your homewares to convey. Some people prefer the ultra-modern aesthetic, and will opt for kettles, toaster, dishwasher and microwave in polished chrome or stainless steel.

While others will opt for the classic, retro chic style, aiming for reproductions of vintage era appliances and furniture. Some people even like to create a contrast by opting for a face off between modern and retro designs. Do some window shopping online or in store first and get a feel for what you like. Close your eyes and imagine the homewares in your pad, and let your heart decide.

Home is Where the Heart is – A Conclusion


It can be tricky buying quality homewares, but by now you’ve hopefully got the right idea. Make a choice whether to purchase online or in store – or perhaps choose a combination of the two, depending on what items you want and where they’re available. Avoid the discount bargain basement retail stores and opt for quality over cheap prices. And finally, make sure that the homewares you choose match the vibe you’re going for. Common aesthetics are modern or retro, or a contrast between the two. Enjoy your new space!