Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating a peaceful and harmonious space to live and work in. The environment should be arranged to complement the flow of energy within the environment and uses different colours, materials, and shapes to create an enjoyable ambience to be in.

If you work from home, you’ll want an area where you can concentrate, feel relaxed and are able to get fresh air and sunlight. Whether you have a dedicate home office or you move from room to room, you’ll be spending a lot of time in these spaces, so they’ll need to be suitable and comfortable.

An inviting office space that is light, airy and aesthetically pleasing will help to increase your rate of productivity and allow you to enjoy your work more.

The area in which you work from home will also play a big part in how practical you find it. Considering your monthly income, the part of the home which you work from, cost of bills for running a home office and how accessible the internet is in your area are important as they could make or break your workplace.

Poster Printing company Instantprint conducted survey about which major cities in the UK are the best for working from home environments based on the above factors, the survey found that Belfast is the undisputed champion, with internet download speeds of 64.1mbps – good to consider if your job requires you work from home permanently.

The Five Elements of Feng Shui

To attract positive energy and make an environment feel balanced, there are five elements of Feng Shui to think about when creating your home office area.

  • Fire – to encourage passionate energy and bold transformations.
  • Water – to calm and inspire.
  • Earth – for strength and stability.
  • Wood – to create and to grow.
  • Metal – to unite each element and provide focus.

How to Add Feng Shui to Your Office

You can add accessories and features into your home office space to complement the elements, such as:

  • Candles and desk lamps to represent the fire element, adding focal points of light and ambience to the space.
  • A small water feature, fish tank or something blue in colour can signify the water element and add calm to your office. Fish tanks are a great addition because they offer a peaceful visual as you watch the fish slowly swim back and forth.
  • Plants and flowers are ideal for embodying the earth element and creating a natural visual, encouraging the flow of oxygen into the space and bringing colour into your office area.
  • Wooden features such as your desk or storage cupboards and units can complement the wood element and add some natural colours into your space, bringing the outdoors inside.
  • Add the metal element into your room with items like a Filofax to keep your documents organised and a comfortable desk chair. A large floor lamp can also open up the space and illuminate your workspace.

The Benefits of having a Feng Shui Office

Having an office space with balance will make the environment a pleasant place to work. By avoiding any clutter, sharp angles and too many bright colours in the space, you’ll benefit from having less distractions to keep you from cracking on. Hav

Free up your mind for creative thought and bettering your skills by adding some Feng Shui into your home work space, and take out any unneeded stress that comes with working and efficiency.

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