When you work from home, your work space should be a place that helps to inspire you and enables you to do your best work. However, often that isn’t the case and many of us end up working in cluttered spaces in one corner of our home, or worse still, working from the sofa or the kitchen table. It doesn’t have to be that way though. There are many ways to make your home office more stylish, and in turn, help to create the kind of working environment in which your productivity and creativity can shine.

Your office should be you

Ideally, you want a work space that inspires you, and this means that it should reflect your personality, and the things that you value. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Chandeliers, quirky art, rugs, fabrics and unusual lamps are just some of the thousands of ways that you can express your personality. It is important, of course, not to allow your work space to become too cluttered, but there is no reason why it has to conform to anyone else’s idea of what a home office looks like.

Go green

The benefits of adding greenery in your home are well-known. Not only do plants help to add oxygen to your home environment, but they can also have a calming effect. When you are forced to work indoors on a sunny day, surrounding yourself with greenery can be some compensation. Make sure that you go for plants that are suited for being indoors, that offer the maximum amount of color, and that require the minimum of looking after.

Take an artistic turn

Whatever your work involves, adding a degree of creativity to it can not only help you to be a more productive worker but can also make your working day more enjoyable. One way to encourage and stimulate your own creativity is to fill your work space with examples of human creativity, from sculptures to fine art prints. Find work that really speaks to you or fascinates you so that every day when you look at it, you will feel inspired, regardless of your mood.

The importance of daylight

When you’re considering alternative décor ideas, don’t neglect one of the most fundamentally important aspects of the home environment: light. Natural light can not only make your home office feel bigger but can also help you to feel more connected with the outdoors and the natural world, all of which can be important when you are stuck indoors working. There are all kinds of options in the world of window dressings that can help you to increase the amount of light in your home office, from roman blinds to European-style window shutters, so you should be able to find something to suit you.

Rugs for comfort

Yes, your home office is a place of work, but there’s no reason why that has to exclude comfort. A beautiful rug in the center of the space can be a wonderful way to boost comfort levels, and is another method of displaying your creativity. Opt for warm patterns and colors, and the thicker and more luxurious the rug, the better. Rugs also have the benefit of being good sound absorbers, and so can help to make it easier for you to concentrate by minimizing domestic noise.

The old and the new

We are all a mixture of influences and experiences, and our tastes reflect this, so don’t get stuck in thinking that your office style has to be one thing or the other. Mixing the old and the new is not only fun, but it also respects our twin aspects: our respect for the traditional and comforting, and our love of the new. Feel free to mix vintage rugs and lamps with modern leather chairs and desk furniture. This is also another way to make your home office space more distinctly yours.

Play with color

You can also have fun with your home office design. Experiment with colors, whether that’s the walls, or the furniture you have around you to find the colors that help you to be most productive during your working day. The more color you have, the better. Don’t settle for bland tones in your home office environment – express your personality through color!


Working from home has many advantages, and one of them is the ability to create your own office space. By taking control of your home office and imprinting your style upon it, you can not only shape a more relaxing work environment, but you can also boost your productivity and creativity.