A lot of household routine chores helps you in paying off way more than keeping track of the maintenance schedule for your air conditioner. It will enable you to stay cool throughout summer and it will also prevent the sudden breakdowns. In addition to that it will also save your money on the energy bills.

An AC that is well maintained runs efficiently, uses less energy and costs less money to run as well. Moreover, a system that is properly maintained will last you longer and will not require a replacement any time soon compared to the unmaintained air conditioners.

The Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

One should be aware of the fact that there are a few tasks that can be done by homeowners as well. However, other tasks should not be performed at home by those who are not trained and licensed to deal with air conditioner. Homeowners should contact companies and can visit ActronAir for a more complicated procedure. Whenever they are not comfortable with any of the maintenance tasks themselves, professional help should be sought right away.

Another important thing is to always follow the safety precautions before doing any work on the outdoor unit. Always remember to shut down the power to the unit of your electrical box before starting any work.

Replace your Air Filters

The simplest way to maintain your air conditioner is by changing its filters on a regular basis after a certain time period has elapsed. However, there are a few thumb rules to remember.

  • If you have a home which doesn’t have kids and pets, change your filters every ninety days.
  • A house that has pets and kids, the filters should be changed after every sixty to ninety days.
  • A home with heavy traffic due to kids, change it every thirty to sixty days.

The key tip to finding out whether you should change your filter or not is whether light passes through it or not. It doesn’t if the filter is coated with a layer of dust and debris.

Other affecting factors are allergies, or if it is a primary residence. If you suffer from allergies and have diseases such as asthma, you would want to change your filter every fifteen days. But, if this isn’t your primary residence and you are hardly ever home, your filter would last you for up to six months or more.

Check the Components and Wiring

Check any electrical connections and be sure that they are tight enough. In case you own an electrical test meter, check the capacitors in the unit as well.


Examine your thermostat to make sure it is working properly and keeping your house at the desired temperature. If your thermostat is old and mechanical, you should consider upgrading it to a newer model.

Unit Fan

Turn of your air conditioner’s power and check the fan mounted on the outside unit, making sure of its condition. Replace it if you see any cracks and chips in the blades.