Having a clean house brings much to the indoor appeal. But there is an invisible part of cleaning rarely thought of. We can clean the dust particles, leave windows open, but the surface area keeps getting dusty and the air stays musty.

The smell is also often forgotten, but may very well be the key to a good ambiance. We know that out of all the senses, sense of smell brings vivid memories and has the strongest impression on our psyche, therefore, good smell can be even more important than the visual appeal of the interior.

So what should you do in this regard?

Clear the Air Filter

Having your air filter cleaned or changed on regular bases can bring you more benefits than you might expect. It not only clears the air more efficiently but draws less energy, which actually saves you a great deal of money.

Not replacing the filter may cause mold and bacteria to grow due to additional particles stuck on the filter. A clogged filter may also increase your gas bills since the energy needed for the same effect is much bigger than when the air can circulate unobstructed through the vent. This also runs the risk of overheating or freezing up as a result of not getting a good airflow through the furnace.

This is a healthy habit you should truly be aware of. By changing your air filter every two to three months, you will ensure that the air is free from harmful bacteria, once a month if you own pets or live in a high-pollen area.

Know Your Air Filter

How you feel at home will undoubtedly affect how you perceive it. Ensuring that you have the right filter depends on your household and personal needs. You should determine the type of filter by their MERV rating, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Top performing filters typically have a MERV rating above 10. Of course, a higher number means better filtration.

  • Fiberglass air filters are the most common as they are very cheap, costing only one dollar. This makes them easy to replace, but they may cost you a lot more in the long run, because of their low MERV rating and overall flimsiness. Their primary function is to protect your furnace, not you, so for clearer indoor air think of other options.
  • Pleated air filters prove to be more effective when it comes to cleaning the air. Depending on the number of pleats, its MERV rating varies from 10 to 13.
  • High-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters are designed to target much finer pollutants and particles, thus providing the most effective filtration. This may be of help to people with chronic lung disease, such as asthma, as their MERV rating ranges between 17 to 20. On the downside, they can only function as a separate, independent air purifier or in a whole house system.

These are just some of the types available. If you’re unsure of the type you need, you can find out what filter best suits your needs at Filter King.

Air Fresheners

Although good conditioning and filtration can reduce much of the polluted air and some smell with it, it can still leave traces of smell from your dog’s hair, children’s clothes, frequent cigarette smoking, etc.

It is good to have an air freshener to better improve your indoor environment. However, there are some concerns when it comes to the safety of these products. Of course, eliminating the cause of smell can be a much better solution, but it is not always an option.

There are some alternative solutions to this you can consider. There are various essential oils and organic air fresheners you can look for out there. Alternatively, look into the tropical household plants that serve not only as odor control but may even process and remove some harmful chemicals from the air.

All of this is something to think about in common cases, but smells can be an indicator of more serious problems. There may be mysterious smells caused by different harmful factors that you might not want to cover up or ignore, such as hidden leaks, electrical fire, improper heating equipment, mold or pesticide. Always seek to locate these before the problem gets worse.