There is hardly a material that can complement and elevate the look of our home in a way that wrought iron can. These timeless metal pieces have been around for ages as a decoration with a safety purpose. Whether you want to use it to surround your fireplace, for stair railing, or doors and gates, there is hardly a material that can look so delicate and elegant yet so powerful and strong at the same time.

So safety and aesthetics go hand in hand when it comes to wrought iron. Railings need to be strong; otherwise, they can cause hazards or accidents, so pay special attention to them, especially if you have children. Here we would like to point out some things you should take into consideration when searching for wrought iron railings.

How Strong Can Wrought Iron be?

Iron is a sturdy material, but when it is processed with heating to create such delicate and thin ornaments, its strength cannot hold as much as a regular iron rail. For this type of railings, different kinds of wires are used, so it is essential to pick the wiring that would not break easily or put you at risk. It is always better to go with painted railings because that extra coat will prevent rust, in outdoor conditions especially.

Things Dictated by Location

As mentioned, if you want to have railing placed outdoor, not that it needs to have an extra coat of paint for protection, but the rail has to be tall enough so no one can jump over it. Choose only the best quality because otherwise, intruders may break them.

In case you are looking for an indoor rail, consider its height too. For stairs, the rail has to be properly fixed, and not even the smallest movement should not be tolerated. The same is with a balcony or a terrace. Do not choose too short rails, because accidents can happen.

Transportation of Wrought Iron Rails

Perhaps you found a beautiful custom-made rail miles away, and you are considering to ship it? Think twice, because these rails are so heavy that shipping them can cost you a fortune. Also, find a supplier who offers delivery.

Do not rely too much on friends to help you with this, because someone could easily get injured in case the rail drops on its foot. So always seek suppliers who can not only deliver the rail to your home but who have enough manpower to unload and assemble everything. These services might cost you some extra bucks, but they are worth every cent.

Design Your Wrought Iron Rails

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There are so many different designs for wrought iron rails, from some more simple, to the ones that are very lavish and full of details. Floral and leaf ornaments are among the most popular motives, but more simple, abstract curves and geometrical forms are also trending.

If you cannot find something that fits your style, you can search for manufacturers who offer to do custom designs. Please give them a few sketches or ideas, show them the rest of your interior so they can come up with something that will complement your space.

The Choice of Colors

ra All You Need to Know Before Installing Wrought Iron Railings

Most rails come in black, but they can be found in pretty much every color, or you can easily repaint them in case you want to experiment. Your outdoor rail will require a fresh coat of color every few years because weather conditions can cause cracks and lead to the peeling of the paint.

One particularly popular combination of colors for rails in the interior is black and gold. Black is used as a primary color, and then specific details like flowers or leaves are painted in gold for a dash of luxury. You can also paint the entire rail in gold or whatever color you want.

The Question of Safety

We already mentioned that you need to invest in high-quality iron. These rails are expensive, so if you are making this investment, then better invest in something that is going to last and be safe. However, we wanted to point out one more thing. If you have small children, crawling babies, toddlers, or even teens, pay special attention to the design of your rail because it can be a safety risk.

Not only that, it must be properly fixed, but the design should be such that it leaves no space for small kids to squeeze through because they will try to do it. Kids risk to put their arm or leg, and in the worst-case scenario, fall. So make sure that rails on your stairs and terrace are safe for your children.

The Bottom Line

If you are remodeling your home and you are looking for something that is going to give it that timeless chic, you can do that with wrought iron because it never goes out of trends. It is a safe choice that never fails to surprise with how much it can enhance the space. 

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