Glass can’t catch a break. Here comes another contender for the top spot. Plexiglass knocked it down, now general purposepolycarbonate (PC) is coming in for the knockout! The tag team domination is on and I’m here for it. Glass has had its run and it was a good one. Space needs to be made for a new champion. Make way for the thermoplastic king!

Let me Introduce You

Are you wondering what in the heavens is polycarbonate? Well, it’s a tough, transparent material that looks quite similar to glass. That is a concise description but also a grave downplay of the nature of this extraordinarily performative material, but we’ll get back to that.

I’m certain there are many items or even furniture that you currently own which are made from this very product and because it appears almost exactly like glass unless you were explicitly told, you would not know there was a difference. But don’t think for a moment you’ve been deceived and what you may have is somehow diminished in value. Au contraire. The fact that you have this synthetic resin, most likely a general purpose polycarbonate, which is the most popular kind, bodes extremely well for you. And I’ll tell you why.


Your items will last forever. Forever! Ok, I’m kidding. But, their Durability is uncontested. Note the capital D. This is not by accident. The minimum number of years attributed to products made with this ultra-resistant plastic is a whopping ten. I bet you’re starting to smile right about now thinking of all the money you can save.

It is very lightweight but ironically has an impact resistance score of approximately 200! If you live somewhere prone to riots or other forms of civil unrest, gang affiliations or just downright dangerous, this could not only offer top-notch protection for your home but allow you absolute blissful peace of mind. Not to mention that preoccupations with burglaries or home invasions would all but disappear. Can a price be placed on deeply resounding calm and confidence? I think not.

Stay Cool, Stay Toasty

How about a sneak peek into what more you could have should you decide to branch out from general-purpose polycarbonate and enjoy a bit more of the options that different types of thermoplastic afford you. Imagine a home that stays cool in the summer but heated during winter with the help of, you guessed it, polycarbonate! Thermal insulation. Are there any limits to what this material can do? For this added feature you should inquire about the twin-wall or multiwall PC.

Might be able to blow your mind even further. Let’s sprinkle in some UV protection. UV protection from plastic!? Why yes. Enjoy the dazzling rays of natural light streaming through your closed windows while being additionally protected by the UV diffusion capabilities of your polycarbonate sheets. Go for the UV-resistant PC.

Do you desire a bit of flare? Polycarbonate can be changed into virtually any color. Let your imagination go wild to design a space inside or outside of your home or business that will not only be stunning but will promote your safety and improve your security.

Offer up your glass woes in exchange for Polycarbonate solutions!

  • Scared of it breaking? Embrace the plastic
  • Want greater UV protection? Embrace the plastic
  • Searching for a cheaper alternative? Embrace the plastic
  • Need an option that provides more weather resistance….

You got it, I don’t even have to say it!

Do Not Be Intimidated

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A material so multifaceted can only be managed and manipulated by professionals. True or False? False! Simple tools like a sharpened power drill and router can be used for drilling and cutting respectively, without the worry of getting injured by shards. Would you dare try this with glass? I definitely would not recommend it. But for those of you determined to proceed, do so with caution.

Cleaning is another simple process. What will you need? A type of microfiber wipe. Warm water. Drops of detergent. Say goodbye to Windex.

The cherry on top is that polycarbonate is eco-friendly and has been touted as a helper in the go green campaign. YES!  Because plastic can be recycled, waste is diminished. And although recycling is an extensive chemical process, it can and continues to be done.

Why someone would continue with the use of glass as opposed to polycarbonate is beyond me.  I’ll chalk it up to another mystery of the universe.

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