Houston is a wonderful city in the heart of Texas. Houston, being one of the developed American cities in Texas, attracts millions of visitors every year. If you are in the mood for embracing endless fun, you will know many amazing things about the city in this blog.

Some known facts about Houston 

The first thing to know about Houston is that it is the city with the maximum number of restaurants that often attract foodies, surveyed in the year 2001.

In Houston, there are no such laws regarding land zoning, meaning that in different cities there are laws regarding different areas of land, and which land to use for which purpose, but in Houston, there are no such conditions to be followed. Anything can be built near anything. This city has a very cool vibe with no restrictions for visitors as such. You can walk anywhere and explore any place that your heart wants.

Some amazing Skyline views in Houston

There are many beautiful venues in Houston with an amazing viewpoint. Many people visit this kind of place to get once in a lifetime experience. This city includes many of the tallest skyline viewpoints that you must explore when visiting.

  • Eleanor Tinsley Park

One of the best places where you can capture the Houston skyline view is a park named Eleanor Tinsley Park, the best park in Houston. You will surely have a beautiful time here with your friends and family.

  • Rooftop cinema club downtown

Many other places like this are the Rooftop cinema club downtown, here also you can enjoy a beautiful view of the skyline which is a type of Movie Theater. You will get headphones to watch a movie with a wonderful view of the skies.

  • Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park is an amazing place to walk or ride around. You can take your partner on a romantic date here and this place is also interesting enough to be explored with your family also. It is a beautiful garden having food trucks and some events are also held there to entertain people

  • Upstairs bar and lounge

Upstairs bar and lounge, this lounge has a beautiful view with lip-smacking food. It is also a bar where teenagers surely will like the vibe here. All these kinds of places are there in Houston city. Travelers must visit there to see an amazing skyline view.

  • White Oak Bayou Trails

White Oak Bayou Trails is a trail of 17 miles, ideal for running. If you are a fitness freak and want to work out, why not try this place? It even looks more beautiful at night. So you can visit at night, it is alongside Bayou.

Some facts about the food in Houston 

Some amazing facts about Houston food are that all types of cuisines around the world are available in this city like Chinese, Mexican, and Indian.  The residents of Houston are foodies at heart and this is why there are several options available in Houston for food. Houston is considered to have the largest number of food trucks in the USA. A funny fact about Houston to remember is that they don’t sell their famous Limburger cheese on Sunday. If you visit Houston, you should know about this rule. People who visit Houston must try different cuisines, as this city is famous for its food. The city has the maximum number of restaurants in the USA. People here love to eat outside more often than at home.

Some more places you can visit

Houston is home to the largest Mall in the World which was set up in 1970. One who visits Houston must explore this beautiful mall there. In the year 1891; Houston was the first city that invented electric streetcars in the World.

The tallest pentagonal-shaped tower is also established in this city, named Morgan Chase Tower. At the height of 1002 feet, this is the tallest tower in Houston that you must check out.

The world’s biggest rodeo show is named as,’ the Houston Livestock Show and the rodeo sets up in Houston every year nearly 3 million people attend this event to see live performances of artists, play different games, eat different cuisines, and enjoy. If you ever decide to visit Houston, never miss a chance to attend this amazing rodeo show. This show must be on your list if you want to visit Houston.

Best time to visit Houston

The best time to visit Houston is always, but if you want a specific month then it should be in the months of February to May. And if you want to come in later months then September to November will be the best time. In between these months, many events and shows take place. And the weather is also pleasant during this time.


To conclude, we think we might help you to decide whether you should visit Houston or not. There is no such reason one can say no to this place. Houston is indeed a city with a wide range of places to explore. You should visit all the places and see amazing views, taste some delicious food and have one of the best exposures in your life.

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