We are currently living a crucial moment in human history with unprecedented levels of pollution. In response to this, people are highly invested in protecting the environment from the harmful effects of human activity. The collective contribution to stop climate change has motivated many to search for better ways to live in harmony with nature. Different approaches and solutions have caught people’s attention over the past years, bringing awareness to unthinkable issues and motivating immediate action. In our following guide, we would like to share some fantastic trends to help you live more sustainably and healthily if you’re looking to improve your efforts in helping the environment.

Rely on Biodegradable and Compostable Products

Single-use plastics are the main source of water pollution worldwide, causing immense damage to aquatic ecosystems and rendering drinking water sources useless. Some countries have already banned the distribution of these products from supermarkets and restaurants, but you can still make an impactful change at home. The good news about getting rid of single-use plastics from your life is that you’re opening the doors to reduce your environmental footprint with several approaches. For instance, selecting products with biodegradable containers that won’t cause harm to the soil or water when shopping at the grocery store is one of the first steps towards eliminating single-use plastics from your life.

In the same fashion line, you can complement these efforts at home with a DIY composter for all the food leftover after every meal. Being mindful about the amount of waste you make every day is a good way to motivate smart decisions whenever you step into a store and start browsing the aisles. There’s even an entire movement dedicated to reducing the amount of waste a person produces called zero waste, which presents radical ways to achieve a neutral carbon footprint.

w2 Amazing Trends To Help You Live More Sustainably And Healthy

Avoid Fast Fashion

Every day, the clothes we wear have a huge responsibility in how much resources we take away from the environment. Clothing manufacture is one of the most contaminating industries due to the amount of deforestation, water contamination, and carbon emissions it produces every year. Therefore, you can take immediate action by making conscious decisions on what enters your closet. The great fashion enthusiasts at Whole People mention the rise of capsule wardrobes to combat the rise of mass-produced clothing lines that contribute to this issue. In this trend, people only require a limited number of high-quality clothing items to combine and create outfits without relying on constant new purchases. While not everyone is in a position to invest a lot of money, learning what you can about sustainable fashion and embracing some of its principles in your wardrobe can still make an impactful change in your life.

Compromise on a Paperless Lifestyle

Having a more sustainable life can also help you reduce the amount of clutter you have at home. Many of us have lots of old documents and junk mail accumulating dust at home. Whether we need to reference them later or they’re just an extra annoyance you can’t seem to get rid of, going paperless is adding your grain of sand to help combat deforestation and maintain a well-organized space at home. Opting out of physical mail when possible and paying bills online are some ways to reduce the amount of paper that enters your home. Digital signing is also a rising trend to eliminate the need to print documents to sign and rescan them, and you can continue searching for software solutions to entirely get rid of printers altogether.

Equip your Home with Energy-Saving Solutions

Nowadays, technological advancements have allowed us to step further in digital solutions that help us achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. While most people fear that the upfront costs may escape their budget, all of these systems and products have proven to save costs in the long term. For instance, LED lights require less electricity to properly illuminate a room in contrast to the old lighting bulbs, and a home entirely equipped with energy-saving lights can decrease their electricity bills down to 30% in a year. Another digital trend that can help you live more sustainably is installing smart home devices with access to other systems on your property, giving you full control over when every system is on and off even when you’re not at home.


Aspiring to live a more sustainable life doesn’t have a linear path, but plenty of approaches and solutions that you can tailor to your current needs. By taking any of these steps, you’re contributing to helping the environment and taking care of your own health.

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