These days your options for wall art are nearly limitless – interior design magazines are filled with decoration ideas to suit every taste. But a lot of them call for quite advanced skills. If you’re not an experienced DIYer, recreating elaborate designs can be daunting. But don’t worry! If that applies to you, there’s no need to leave your walls looking bare and boring – there are plenty of wall art decoration schemes out there that are perfect for beginners.

To help you find a solution that works for you, we asked the custom decor experts at for their most user-friendly DIY decor solution. Here’s what they had to say!

Introducing Poster Prints

Posters have been around since the middle of the 19th century – developed as a cheap, striking print medium for advertising, the poster evolved into a versatile design solution used in the art industry and interior design. Of course, contemporary poster prints differ from their predecessors in their production techniques as well as their design principles, but one thing remains the same – posters have enormous aesthetic potential that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Personalized Poster Prints – A Wall Decor Classic, Upgraded

Many poster designs from the fin de siècle golden age were so successful that they’re still being reproduced today and sold as wall art. In fact mass production has made some iconic images more or less omnipresent – you see posters featuring vintage ads in private homes, cafés, even high-street shops. And that’s why many people are looking for poster prints with a bit more originality.

Custom printing companies such as have the perfect answer – something as simple as a poster but more personal and meaningful. Custom poster prints are designed to the customer’s requirements. And they give you all the visual impact without the fuss and difficult prep work!

impressiveinteriordesign-visual-2 An Easy DIY Decor Idea to Transform Any Home

Why Decorate with Custom Poster Prints?

Unlike ready-made posters that are available in a limited range of designs, custom poster prints can feature any image of your choice. Just a couple of posters is enough to tell a visual story and get your home bursting with character.

And the experts at gave us at least three more reasons why you should consider decorating with personalized poster prints:

Modern Posters are High-End Wall Decor

Reputable companies will print their posters on lab-quality photo paper – still very lightweight, but harder-wearing and resistant to tears and creases. The poster prints at come with a refined semi-gloss finish that enhances the beauty of the photo reproduction and brings a sophisticated touch to your wall decor scheme. And all this at a more than affordable price!

Posters Suit Any Living Space

Photo posters epitomize simplicity, and this makes them suited to almost any interior decoration scheme. Their frameless aesthetic allows posters to integrate effortlessly into any room’s ambience – making them ideal for anyone who wants a minimalist yet effective decor solution.

Posters are Super Easy to Hang

Last but not least, poster prints can be fixed on any surface with just double-sided tape or putty. A poster wall is one of the easiest DIY decor projects around – no drilling or hammering needed, just stick your posters on the wall and then you can change the layout any time you fancy a wall art update.

P.S. Canvas prints are another handy room decor option for those who don’t want to drill holes in their walls – they come wrapped on a sturdy inner frame, so canvas prints can be simply leaned against a wall or any other vertical surface.

To learn more about canvas prints, photo posters and other types of custom wall art, just go to the website!

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