Are you preparing to move into a new apartment?

Setting up the decor of a new home can be very exciting. It can also be frustrating if you find that the dimensions of your living room won’t be able to handle extra-large seating pieces that work better in a house, not a small apartment.

If you have your heart set on creating a great looking room, there are a lot of options available. Many reputable furniture manufacturers make good-looking pieces with smaller measurements.

If you need something that can fit into a smaller space, you may like the styles that I have featured on this page

Reclining-Back Sofa With Chaise By Homelegance

1 Apartment Size Sectional Sofa Ideas For Ultimate Comfort

I don’t know why this sofa reminds me of  Super Bowl Sunday, male bonding and lots of ice-cold beer and crunchy football snacks, but it does! What this style has when you look at it is one of laid-back comfort and lots of couch-potato possibilities.

One of the most interesting features of this sectional is the color description; Chocolate Bomber Jacket. That is a great name. This particular item doesn’t have a lot of reviews, but from the feedback, one can gather that it works well for smaller living rooms.

As reported by Nikole Taylor, an ergonomics expert ​at Furniture Zest, “this is yet another microfiber furniture product that has the benefit of feeling softer to the touch than some bonded leather products” The best feature about this set is that two people can recline back at the same time.

Many of these pieces only have one recliner section. Just think, having two recliner sections on a  sofa may contribute to lower divorce rates as arguments over who gets to lay back and unwind after a hard day’s work will become a thing of the past.

The only downside I can see is that assembly will have to be perfectly tight and sound when dealing with moving parts that will get a lot of family use.

Cons: Dark brown upholstery isn’t for everyone and this one has a more casual feel

Pros: Comfortable, family-oriented style for people who love to live in their homes, not create showcases

L-Shaped Reclining Sectional with Flip Down Cup Holder by Coaster Home Furnishings

2 Apartment Size Sectional Sofa Ideas For Ultimate Comfort

Some people love the idea of a seating piece that comes with a built-in cup holder. Although the two-toned look is not everybody’s cup of tea when it comes to a sofa design,  some people like the challenge of finding matching accessories that can blend well with two shades.

What strikes me as interesting about this product is how gender-neutral it appears. It doesn’t scream this is just for the guys, yet it isn’t ultra-feminine either.

It looks very light in this photo, although the manufacturer describes it as tan microfiber.

The photo of this one doesn’t show how the cup holder looks, so the following picture will give you a better idea of where the cup holder is located.  It’s a shame that this product has no feedback from buyers.

The picture captures the design elements pretty well.

This piece would look wonderful in a loft apartment downtown as the style is clean, trendy and has that minimalist Scandinavian flair.

The downside? As with similar designs that have a lot of moving components, parts that fold, unfold, recline or adjust will need to be assembled correctly.

This one is also in a slightly higher price range than some of the other deals featured here on this website.

Cons: May cause decorating challenges due to the two-tone construction

Pros: Very trendy and fresh style is also very functional

Small Sectional Sofa With Reversible Chaise And Ottoman

3 Apartment Size Sectional Sofa Ideas For Ultimate Comfort

This piece has the unmistakable vibe of a product that a homeowner will either love or hate. Gray is not for everyone. Neither is dark brown. Combine both of these colors together on one sectional and you have seating that can either be seen as a creative decorating challenge or a total nightmare to coordinate with accessories.

There a few negatives about this model. There are no reviews or feedback from existing owners which makes it a “mystery” product.

The microfiber materials on faux leather may slip or slide when you don’t want them too.

However, the pros may outweigh the cons when you consider how cheap and affordable this one is, the perfect apartment-size dimensions it comes in, the ottoman and the versatile left -side/ right-side chaise options.

Although the shape and construction of this one are modern, the gray microfiber upholstery gives it a very conservative feel. I think this sofa would look nice in a den, library or basement recreation room as well as an apartment living room.

Cons: Grey and brown color combination is not for everyone

Pros: Two places for family and friends to kick up their feet and relax

I hope you got an idea for your apartment. Go and make your living space look beautiful and cozy.