Industrial heavy duty linear actuators became the equipment that helped to increase the power of industrial and scientific leap towards progress. There are numerous spheres for actuators implementation where they provide automatization and remote control reliability.

Areas for Industrial Actuators Implementation

Industrial actuators are actively used for the construction of medical furniture with the adjustable positioning of the back of the chair, the height of the couch and supporting elements. Actuators are also installed on lifts to move the disabled and bedridden patients and on stairlifts.

Medical actuators, along with common industrial actuator models, have silent performance, high quality and reliability, represented by dust and moisture protection IP54, IP66 according to International Protection Standard. Actuators are also used in personal lifts as the main operating mechanism for lifting people. These actuators always have a significant load margin and are designed for lifting about 200-300 kilograms.

Electromechanical linear actuators for general industrial use are compact high-power devices designed for most production processes using linear displacement. An important role is played by their technical characteristics – indicators of permissible load and speed, smooth running, as well as the ability to work under adverse external influences. Industrial actuators designed to automate production processes greatly facilitate the work of a worker in an industry where they are used.

General Industrial Automation

Electromechanical linear actuators for general industrial purposes are compact high-power devices designed for most production processes using linear motion automation. Their technical characteristics play the most important role. These are permissible load and speed, smooth performance, as well as the possibility to work under complicated conditions of the environment for installation. Industrial actuators designed to automate production processes greatly facilitate the work of employees in any industry where they are used.

These are areas of general industrial actuator use:

  1. Electromechanical linear actuators for machine tools, machine building, food industry – these are electric actuators for metal cutting and other types of machines, belt, and overhead conveyor electric actuators, as well as industrial actuators to increase the comfort of the worker controlling the mechanism (electric actuator build-in driver’s seat, mirror position control, hood control)
  2. High-tech production – the production of solar panels using electric actuators that provide movement of the solar panels directly towards the sun. An electromechanical actuator is also used when installing parabolic satellite aerials. The aerial actuator (satellite actuator) is an important component for proper control.
  3. Industrial ventilation systems – the use of sliding panels for hoods in order to automate the process of regulating airflow. It is very important to choose the right type of actuator for industrial purposes so that it would satisfy all the requirements in a particular production. If you faced with difficulties choosing an industrial actuator, you can always use the assistance of the help center of the actuator manufacturer. For instance, Progressive Actuators always helps their customers to choose the most suitable equipment that would satisfy all requirements. Making the right choice of the necessary electric actuators as well as selecting additional functionality and additional supporting equipment like electric actuator control units and remotes for optimal actuator control, as well as various additional accessories like mount brackets, electric relays, etc.

Agricultural Actuator Automation

Every day more and more industries are being improved and automated in order to facilitate the work of workers and increase efficiency and productivity. This is especially true in difficult and labor-intensive areas where equipment and people sometimes work in extreme conditions.

Agriculture is just one of these areas of industry. So, linear automation using electric actuators is widely popular today. The mechanization of various agricultural machinery, livestock, the process of harvesting feed and farming – all these can be improved using linear motion technology effectively.

The use of linear motion automation has never been easier before. Various industrial spheres became easier-to-catch and more comfortable to deal with due to the implementation of such smart technologies that allow making everything timely, correctly, and what is more important automatically. Use linear actuators now and go progressive!