Folding doors are a kind of the sliding configuration. These models are more versatile than you might realize and fit many styles of home from Victorian to ultra-modern. Most people are familiar with the bifolding configuration as enabling seamless slide access to other rooms without the constraints of the hinged one.

If you’re looking for ideas for a closet or providing access to other internal spaces, with many different designs, colors and finishes, the folding system is a practical and good-looking solution. They are sleek and sophisticated and can be used in standard settings such as a kitchen or living room or much larger openings like a run of closets.

Let’s look at some of the features of bi-folders in more detail to help you decide if they are the option your home needs.

What is a Bifold Door?

They are made from vertical slabs hinged together at the top, bottom and in the middle, which makes the whole construction more reliable. Folders open and close in an accordion style and rest to one side of the doorway along a track on the upper edge.

Bifolds can be two or multiple panels stretching up to several meters:

Two-slab: An alternative to a swinging internal model. They are made from two slabs hinged in the middle. Also known as concertina doors, they are a popular choice for small closets, kitchen pantries and ensuite bathrooms.

Multi-fold: Even if there are more than two panels, they will still be called bifold because the mechanism is the same. This construction is much wider than the two-panel version and operates as a large room divider.

The big benefit of folding doors is that they do not swing out in an arc like a regular one, meaning a drastic reduction in the amount of space needed for opening and closing. They do not interfere with the passage and furniture arrangement, which is important for small homes where it is necessary to conveniently place a lot of things in tiny areas.

Folding Closet Doors — Nice Option for Any House

Folders are an excellent choice for any size closet. Even in spacious bedrooms, regular doors can cause issues with either moving about the room or furniture placement because of the space that is required to open and close slabs.

Folding models are also better than other sliding options in everyday life types because of their design. When opened, they immediately show all the insides, and a person gets full access to the contents.This is a great alternative to the classic swing configuration.

If you’re looking to optimize space, have a nice aesthetic and a system that is easy to operate, the best choice for closets is bifolding doors.

There are many colors and designs available including a variety of materials, so there will be a solution that fits your interior and its decor theme perfectly. One of the most popular options among customers is glass models.

Folding Glass Doors — Aesthetics and Functionality

Glass adds an extra dimension to any interior. They give a dramatic look when they are used between spaces downstairs such as between a sitting room and dining room or any zone leading off a hallway, and they can also be used as closet.

One nice advantage of folding glass doors is they bring light to the space in which they are installed. Any environment seems bigger with them. They also add a very stylish look to any house.

Manufacturers have developed dozens of collections, among which the owners will be able to find an option for their homes.

Glass panel

There are a number of inserts in different configurations in the slab. They can be one to several inches wide, placed vertically or horizontally. Most often, customers order frosted glass to provide a level of privacy.


An elegant model that has been popular for decades. It fits perfectly into classic interiors, causing admiration. Large glass visually facilitates the bifolding construction, which is especially important in small rooms. French folders are often installed between the bedroom and home office or kitchen and dining area.

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