It can be easy to find furniture that makes your restaurant look amazing, but are you certain that this furniture would be able to hold up when faced with the continuous usage that most restaurants would put it through? If you are uncertain about the answer to this question, suffice it to say that you have a lot of thinking that you would now need to take part in. After all, you don’t want to spend vast sums of cash on top notch furniture for your place only to discover that there were far better options that you could have invested in.

Choosing restaurant tables can sometimes seem like an obvious enough decision to make, but restaurant owners that adhere to this kind of mindset are pretty much just displaying their naivety. There’s a chance that you might get lucky and randomly choose the best option, but it’s far more likely that your lack of knowledge would lead you to trusting rather ineffective factors when making this decision. Hence, we are going to talk about a specific type of table top that can be an ideal purchase for you if you plan on opening a restaurant sometime in the near future.

Aesthetics plays a crucial role in the holistic dining experience. Choosing the right tabletops for formal culinary functions is necessary.

These table tops that we are about to discuss are basically laminated table tops. Unless you intend to pour a veritable fortune into your enterprise in order to turn it into some kind of Michelin starred restaurant, laminated table tops can certainly be helpful for you in a wide range of ways. You can think of it as a much improved version of the traditional melamine tabletops which generally provide some of the same functional advantages as laminated ones but fail to measure up in terms of aesthetics.

The first benefit of laminated tables for restaurants that we’d like to talk about involves their affordability. Regardless of how sizable you think your initial investment actually is, money can run out rather quickly if you’re not careful. That’s why investing in sensible furniture options like laminated tops can be a reasonably worthwhile aspect of your decision making process. These kinds of tables consist of three separate layers, starting with a layer of substrate that forms the bulk of the finished product.

This substrate is made of various kinds of wood, particle board, fiber board as well as numerous other additions such as rattan or plywood. Bamboo can also sometimes be used for these purposes, and the trend that you might be noticing here is that none of these materials are overly expensive. That’s a big part of why laminated tabletops manage to offer such great prices which are low enough to leave ample reserve cash that you can use if your restaurant falls on hard times.

The second layer comprises of a millimeter thick panel of HPL which is similar to what you might see in vinyl floor boards and the like. It has the look and texture of wood, but instead of being made of wood it uses compressed wood pulp and paper to create a visual effect that is more or less indistinguishable. Once again this is not a very expensive addition to the production process, and since the final layer is an extremely thin and delicate sheet of laminate there’s not much left to make these tables pricey to any degree at all.

Also, if the tables in your restaurant are laminated, you’d need to spend a lot less on their upkeep. You can put thoughts of constant refinishing and repainting behind you, because the laminated layer will do the work for you. This further reduces their costs, not just in terms of the initial purchasing price but also when it comes to spending money on keeping their appearance up to the mark.

Now, all this talk of affordability might lead you to believe that laminated tables are only worth it if you’re on a tight budget. The truth is, there’s a lot more to it than that. Adding that final layer of laminate is in many ways the cherry on top. It’s what allows your tables to become almost completely waterproof which is a quality that many if not most restaurant owners would be looking for in their various pieces of furniture.

Furthermore, it vastly simplifies the cleaning process. Since there is no absorption of liquid spills, you can just wipe the tables up and leave them looking good as new without needing to use any special cleaning materials at all. The only thing you’d need to work hard to clean would be grease that might build up on the surface over time, and even that would mostly require occasional deep cleans if anything.

One final point that we would like to address is the aesthetic potential of laminated tables that you can place strategically in your new eatery. Since the topmost layer is laminated, you can customize it without any serious obstacles coming into play. This gives you lots of options when it comes to finalizing how you want your tables to look. Whether you want something functional and sober or if you want to spice things up by adding a bit of color here or there, lamination puts all of the control directly into your hands.

If you’re planning on opening up a fast food franchise, lamination becomes an even more important aspect of your furniture that you should consider. It makes your tables easier to clean, cheaper to maintain and your furniture can actually start to look more diverse and beautiful. It’s truly surprising how affordable such tables are when you think about how useful they can be for you.

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