Since the pandemic, many things have changed dramatically. One of them is where people want to live these days. Gone are the days when people used to rush to the cities and buy their very first apartment or home. Now post-pandemic, the tides have definitely turned.

In fact, more people are now moving away from the city and into smaller rural areas. Mainly because of two major reasons. First, due to recent events and safety hazards, they want to stay away from largely populated areas.

After all, who wants to increase their chances of getting Covid-19 right?

Second reason is mostly financial. It’s not like you can get a simple payday loan to buy a home.

These days, houses especially if you are from Vancouver, BC, are super expensive. Housing in Canada is generally expensive anyways but Vancity definitely takes the cake.

So since general family housing in the city is pretty expensive to begin with, it was only natural for people, especially first-time homebuyers, to simply move away from the city and into other areas. Where they can actually afford a decent home.

This created some very unique opportunities for home buyers and sellers. Especially from a financial point of view. Types of housing that were not on many people’s radar, are now the most popular choices. These include mobile homes, tiny homes and even wooden log houses (Who wouldn’t want to live in a secluded wooden paradise away from everything right?).

During the pandemic, the sales of mobile homes and tiny homes have increased exponentially. The lower pricing and the chance of owning freehold property has been very appealing to most buyers. Especially during the 2021 season.

Although mobile homes are not freehold, Tiny homes can be. In fact, a lot of tiny homes are located in well designed communities. Here you get the chance to own the land and the tiny home that it’s built on.

By the way, tiny homes usually come with world class amenities. Perfect for the individual, a couple or even a small family. Now, why would someone want to raise a family in a tiny home?

The main attraction is obviously the pricing but also the environment. A nice community is ideal for a small family that has 1 to 2 kids. Just the best way for raising kids.

The kids get fun little tiny spaces to sleep in in at the same time, usually a very large lot that a tiny home is placed.  Amazing place for the kids indeed.. This makes it an ideal purchase for first-time  home buyers. Tiny homes are quite similar to mobile homes. Only difference is a mobile home is not considered freehold property.

Another thing that is really attractive about mobile homes is you usually end up living in a community of people.

So if you do have a young family, you can raise them in a very socially positive environment.

Now although this depends on where you live, as a lot of mobile home residents make little around minimum wage or less. So it’s assumed that this crowd is not really that friendly due to ongoing financial issues. However, there are many good cases as well.

So it really depends on who is around you and what kind of people live there. However, if your surroundings are positive and it’s mostly families who live there, you can have an absolutely wonderful time raising your kids in a moblie home park. While saving up for perhaps a bigger home even out of the park.

No matter the situation, or where covid-19 heads next, one thing is for sure,  that most people are looking for affordable and quality housing. They also want to be away from the city so they can protect themselves and their kids from any other virus outbreak. If safety and raising your family in a more natural environment is important to you, then we highly recommend that you take a deep look at tiny homes, mobile homes and cabins in general.

After all, who doesn’t want to be close to nature, save money and if you’re really lucky, be around some wonderful down to earth people.

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