Home automation is no longer an obscure tech trend. It’s very much a reality and fast becoming an in-demand asset for homeowners worldwide. It is estimated that nearly 2.3 million Australian homes use smart home technology. The country’s smart home market is headed towards a big leap, from US$ 2.01 billion in 2020 to US$ 4.61 billion by 2027. At this rate, smart homes are soon

While the popularity of smart homes is backed by numbers and hard facts, you might still be wondering if it’s a worthwhile investment for your home. Here are some undeniable benefits of smart home automation.

More convenient living

For many homeowners, smart home technology is an investment in elevating their convenience and lifestyle.

Home automation makes light work of mundane everyday tasks. It takes care of monotonous chores like operating your entryway or garage door. With smart locks in place, you can put the saga of lost keys to rest forever. Smart security systems alert you about visitors, even when you’re not at home. Turn on the TV simply using your voice; no remote needed. Want to draw the curtains without leaving the comfort of your sofa? Smart curtains can do that for you. There’s really no end to the convenience you can achieve with home automation.

Save on energy bills

The rising cost of energy bills is a nationwide concern. So is sustainability. Australian homeowners are increasingly seeking out ways to control their energy consumption to address both. Home automation is one of the most effective ways to convert your home into an energy efficient, and therefore, eco-friendly living space.

Smart homes are equipped to run connected appliances that can be turned off remotely when not in use. Home automation lighting, for example, combines the benefits of motion sensing, LED bulbs, and wireless technology to help you save more than just switching to LED light bulbs.

Increase your home’s value

As more and more homes in Australia embrace the smart home technology, it is fast becoming an element that home buyers appreciate and are often willing to pay more for in their new homes.

With features like smart security systems, connected home gadgets, climate control, automated heating/cooling and entertainment, a smart home is a cherry on the property market’s proverbial cake. In short, they are a tremendous investment prospect. So if you’re putting your property on the market for resale, a smart home won’t disappoint you.

Enjoy great returns

Every homeowner wants to put their money in home improvements that will bring them maximum returns. Home automation installations done with thoughtful planning and consideration are great for this reason.

Smart homes pay dividends far into the future. Not just in monetary terms. They can bring independence to the lives of people with limited mobility like the elderly or those with disabilities. By installing smart home features, you’re also future-proofing your living space, making it more liveable during old age.

Final thoughts

In today’s era of hectic lifestyles, anything that helps us save precious hours around the house is more than welcome. Home automation, with all its amazing features and functionalities, makes life easier and less tedious. You can let your smart home take care of repetitive and time-consuming chores, and focus your energies on stuff that matters —be it spending quality time with your family, putting more efforts into your side hustle or immersing yourself into your hobbies and passions.

As you can see, these factors add a lot more to your property and quality of life than you might have imagined. Although it’s difficult to put a dollar value on every benefit you get out of a smart home, it’s an investment worth making.

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