Seems like Downton Abbey-like dramas and movies alike The Great Gatsby have restored the interest in 20th Century design, and inspired people to look at timeless and luxurious styles like art deco.

The definition of art deco

The art deco style became prominent between the 20s and 30s of the previous centuries, attracting attention with bold colours and impressively accurate geometric shapes.

The best thing about it is flexibility, as art deco settings can be personalized easily, and made look both modern and retro.

In order to learn more on how to create art deco interiors, go through our detailed and handy infographics.

Newton-by-F.-D.-Hodge-Interiors Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: F. D. Hodge Interiors

A guide to creating art deco bathrooms

Who wouldn’t like an art deco bathroom cabinet, be that a classic black-and-white setting or a brave combination of any colour between red, silver, gold, green, and dark blue? Art deco interior design won’t restrict you, and you can easily personalize it with modern furnishings or bold colour accents.

Art deco bathrooms will nevertheless require you to replace most of your current suite, and install the typical, angular shapes and equip it with modern furniture.

To start with, you should be looking at art deco bathroom tiles, square and angular toilet suites, and pedestal basins. A good place to find those is Vermont Range.

Miami-Interior-Design-by-J-Design-Group Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: J Design Group

Another thing you will probably have to replace is the tap, which should as well support the angular/rectangular idea, and add a luxurious and glamorous feel to the entire setting. Cubic taps are always a clever idea.

The leading of all art deco interior design ideas is geometric design, usually accompanied by unique tiles with bold patterns for smooth, yet attractive floors and walls. The traditional concept is to use white and black tiles (on the walls or the floors), which are both affordable and easy to install.

University-City-by-Joni-Spear-Interior-Design Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: Joni Spear Interior Design

In fact, choosing such tiles for critical zones such as the shower, bath, or basin will also be an economical way to save on trendy bathroom finishes.

If you want the place to look glitzy and attractive, but don’t have the budget to allow this, install several metallic tiles or arrange the ones you have in an unexpected mosaic. Another budget-friendly idea is to repaint the walls where no tiles are to be applied.

Art-Deco-in-the-Heart-of-Kiev-by-S-Studio Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: S-Studio

Fans of geometric shapes can also consider catchy wallpapers made of moisture-proof materials. If you wish to make the effect of your beautiful wallpaper even stronger, cover a single wall.

Better yet, finish the brand new art deco sanctuary with cute accessories, including the compulsory wall mirror to distribute light, with elegant frames and glitzy finishes.

Hawaii-1-by-Norelco-Cabinets-Ltd Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: Norelco Cabinets Ltd

As for materials, use chrome and fostered glass as those have been art deco’s best friends for years, and apply them on your robe hooks, towel hooks, toothbrush holders, or wherever you think they’d look nice.

The ideal colours for an art deco setting

Designers recommend subtle colours and monochrome scenarios, such as:

• Classic black and white
• Oyster cream and soft green/blue
• Pastel nuances, among which green, blue, yellow, or pink

Calm-Contemporary-by-Janet-Brooks-Design Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: Janet Brooks Design

Basic art deco elements

As we mentioned before, art deco settings have the unique power to appear both modern and traditional, but there are several key features that appear in both scenarios:

  • A combination of sharp, angular patterns and bold, unexpected curves
  • Linear decorating and use of exotic materials
  • Lack of fussiness, clutter, and romance
  • Black and white tiles
  • Mirrors with chrome/silver frames and towels in bold colours

When it comes to colours, focus on black, white, and other neutrals such as brass, cream, and gold. Art deco has a lot to do with vintage decorating, which means that you have to secure a ‘going back in time’ feeling for everyone that spends time in that bathroom.

Basically, you’re replenishing a new bathroom to make it look old, and that’s exactly what you should be doing.

Family-Home-in-the-Ramble-by-Platt-Architecture Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: Platt Architecture

Yet, art deco combines old and new in an interesting and attractive manner, which is why you are free to keep some of the modern furniture you like. Such combinations make art deco bathrooms suitable for every home, be that a traditional mansion or an ultramodern urban apartment.

Even when you can’t really invest in marble, and top quality shiny tiles, art deco reflects itself through brass showers, taps, old-looking shelves, and glass, which makes it a relatively affordable project for all households.
The basin

Art deco bathrooms are characterized with bold, angular, and hard basins and accessories, as well as large pedestals (check Brent Basin & Pedestal).

This is a traditional way to handle the basin question, but the homeowner an always make a more contemporary choice, and pick a sleek and modern suit from the Chase range.

San-Gabriel-Valley-2-by-Jennifer-Bevan-Interiors Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: Jennifer Bevan Interiors

What must be taken into account is to go for oversized, attention-attracting fixtures and geometric shapes, ideally surrounded with illuminated mirrors and classic lighting fixtures.

The bath

Art deco bathrooms work well with large, roll top and freestanding baths used as elegant focus pieces. These are two common ways to handle the bath styling question in art deco settings:

1. Opting for an Apollo Roll Top bath popular by angular, hard lines and accurate geometric forms. This bath is cut for contemporary art deco themes.
2. Opting for the timeless Winchester Slipper bath which is opulent, full of claw feet details and ornaments. It will suit traditional settings more than modern ones.

Dramatic-Style-Bathroom-by-Signature-Designs-Kitchen-Bath Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: Signature Designs Kitchen & Bath

Materials: glass and brass

Despite of using the right shapes and furniture, you won’t obtain a genuine art deco theme without the appropriate materials.

We recommend to use brass polished with chrome finishes for taps and similar fixtures (look at Metro Waterfall Basin Mixer), which is the ultimate solution for obtaining a stylish and luxurious bathroom.

Another key material is glass, which accentuates and reflects your bold geometric designs, and supports ornate furnishing ideas.

Bathrooms that resemble the art deco movement

Keep in mind that the 30th years of the previous century were also the down of travelling and tourism. It was back that that people were discovering African safari, and used exotic, animal prints and finishes as their main accessories.

Ambassador-Residence-by-Wheeler-Kearns-Architects Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: Wheeler Kearns Architects

Ever since, tortoiseshells and pearls are applied in synergy with shiny fabrics, glass, and metal to beautify art deco themes. If you enjoy travelling to exotic destinations, you should definitely consider this idea.

Art and sculptures in art deco interiors

Back in the 30s and the 40s, the world got to witness new forms of art and entertainment, and the trend was quickly mimicked and adopted by home decor.

This is why art deco settings are often enriched with ornate furniture, fine carvings and details, sculptural, oversized lamps, and beautiful oil paintings.

Show-House-by-J.-Hirsch-Interior-Design Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC

Bring any of these in your art deco-styled room, and your work will be done.

Colours in art deco bathrooms

The most popular choice for an art deco bathroom is a monochrome palette, and sharp contrasts such as black and white. These colours are just timeless, and often regarded as the only classic and contemporary combination. Having keep in mind that most of our bathrooms are white and minimal, introducing an art deco motif won’t be difficult at all.

Hatfield-Residence-by-StudioTrimble Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: StudioTrimble

This doesn’t oblige you, however, to use only black and white – art deco themes look perfect with other bold combinations, including white and dark blue, green and gold, or red and silver.

Bonus tip: The easiest way to refresh an art deco setting with colours is using accents, including such displayed on the walls, floors, or as bathroom utilities.

Tiles, floors, and walls in art deco settings

The core of art deco design is bold patterns and geometric shapes. Luckily for us, both are widely available in the tile production industry, and thus made affordable for a real art deco wall and floor.

The simplest and budget-friendliest course of action is to pick a classic black-and-white tile scheme for the wall, and a similarly effective vinyl floor that will look nice, but won’t break the budget at the same time.

Tiles should be applied in all essential areas, including the bath, shower, and the basin.

Colonial-Revival-by-Alisberg-Parker Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: Alisberg Parker

In order to make the bathroom shiner and glitzy, add few mosaic or metallic tiles, and repaint the walls that are not covered with tiles.

In order to save even more money, rethink the tile concept and use gorgeous bathroom wallpaper instead, but make sure the room is not overwhelmed with colours and patterns (we’d opt for single wallpaper, for instance).

Bonus tip: Due to competition, you can always find tiles and wallpapers on discount or offered on a promotional price.

The final touch: accessorizing

There are many available and DIY accessories that can bring an art deco bathroom together, and make it even more eye-pleasant and attractive.

The essential one is a large, bevelled mirror that helps distribute natural light in the room, but also supports the elegant appearance of the bathroom with its glitzy, luxurious finish.

Master-Bathroom-by-Happy-Interiors-Group Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: Happy Interiors Group

When it comes to materials, we recommend chrome and frosted glass as top alternatives, as those accompanied art deco settings ever since they appeared. Plus, it will be very easy to find soap holders, toothbrush holders, and hooks made of these materials.

Here is a bonus tip: You can use all modern patterns and geometric motifs, including chevron designs, hexagons, and zigzags.

Spanish-Oaks-by-JAUREGUI-Architecture-Interiors-Construction Art Deco Bathroom Interior Design
Image source: JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

Ending thoughts on art deco bathroom design

The glam & glitz appeal’s big entry in decor, fashion, architecture, and foremost interior design, Art Deco settings became way easier to craft than they were back in the 1930s. Today, similar themes are adopted by home owners looking to reflect their bold lifestyles, adventurous spirit, and affection for art within their interiors.