All homes, regardless of age, location, or a myriad of additional factors, accumulate debris as they age. Natural weather patterns can create a film of dust, dirt, and even rust on the exterior of your home, taking away from the beauty it once had. Getting rid of the built-up grime is not always a simple process and may require professional power washing services. If this is the case for your home, you’ll need to be equipped with the following questions to vet the available companies appropriately.

What is Your Previous Experience?

No matter the type of service you are getting, you will always need to verify a company’s experience. They must demonstrate that they are familiar with the standard techniques, equipment, and products used in a high-quality power washing service. Furthermore, previous experience in their line of work will illustrate that they are prepared with applicable knowledge of power washing and are not merely practicing hypotheticals.

A verifiable work history is also critical to your ability to vet their company by observing the results of their work. Ideally, they will be able to provide Before and After photos to lay a foundation on which you can build your expectations for their work. Check the photos carefully and note if there are any damages to cleaned surfaces or other such imperfections. (Damages after a cleaning service could mean that the company is inexperienced, since improper use of equipment is the primary cause of degradation or cracks in surfaces such as concrete.)

Are You Licensed and Certified?

This is another factor that will distinguish experienced professionals v. novice services. Your prospective power washing company should have been issued a license from the state through the Contractors State License Board. How does this illustrate trustworthy professionalism? Normally, such a license requires at least four years of journeyman experience, enough time for your power washing contractor to hone their skills and perfect their craft.

In addition, with the appropriate licenses and certifications, you can rest assured that your transactions with the prospective company are secure. This is because the possession of a license is a sign that their business is registered with the state, enabling them to operate as a commercial contracting service. You can also check your local laws, as there may be additional licensing requirements imposed by your municipality.

Do You Have Insurance?

Problems can arise unexpectedly throughout the power washing process. As mentioned earlier, damages, such as cracks and other such degradation, can occur due to mishaps during cleaning. They may not be the fault of the power washing professional; rather, your home’s exterior may have simply been weakened over the years due to environmental pressures or longstanding structural issues.

If any accidents arise, there must be coverage available for repairs. Typically, the company should be protected by general liability coverage at the very least. This will cover any damages to your home as a result of the power washing service, ensuring you will not have to pay any extra bills on top of the provided cleaning. Additionally, it is best if you inquire about their worker’s compensation insurance.

This may seem slightly unnecessary for you, as the homeowner, but know that damages can affect both your home’s exterior and the contractor’s employees. If anyone were to be injured on your property, you do not want to be stuck compensating for the financial losses. These funds should be sourced from the worker’s compensation policy. Neglecting to verify this could potentially lead to financial troubles in the future.

What Products Do You Use in Your Cleaning Process?

Although most people think of the power washing process as the use of highly concentrated jets of water, many chemicals can be added during this work. Chemical solutions are often used to yield the best possible results – though it’s not unheard of to provide excellent cleaning services with only water.

Your prospective power washing company should be able to exercise discretion on which products to use and when. When asking about what products are typically used in their process, you can expect to hear the following:

  • Bleach (best for sanitizing and disinfecting)
  • Ammonia (the perfect chemical for cleaning glass and stainless steel)
  • Citric acid (this is most appropriate for stain removal, especially on concrete and wood)
  • Oxalic acid (great for getting rid of rust)
  • Potassium hydroxide (a general use chemical, best for the creation of liquid or soft soap)

Before asking the company about the chemicals used in their process, consider the work you’re hiring them to do. Are you looking to have them clean everything outside your home, including the driveway, and perhaps the garage or shed? Or do you wish to have them only clean the house’s exterior, like the deck, wooden panels, and windows? The company should be able to give a confident, accurate answer as to what they’ll be using to complete the job.

Can You Provide References for Your Past Work?

This is critical to verify the level of expertise offered by your prospective power washing company. With the first two questions, you have already confirmed that this company has the appropriate experience to meet industry standards. However, what you have yet to learn is their customers’ experience of the service they provide. It is easy to do the job by the books, but another matter entirely to provide excellent customer service.

If the company has a website, ask them to direct you to their testimonials or review page. See what their customers are saying about the service they received and note any specific likes and dislikes of the company’s work. An excess of negative reviews or a complete lack of customer feedback and professional references is a sign that the company does not have the experience they claim.

Fortunately, Catchlight Painting offers power washing services alongside a myriad of restoration work for your home. For those who wish to see their homes returned to their original beauty, you can count on Catchlight’s expertise and dedication. Contact the company today to get your Boston home looking as good as new.