The brown color is very popular choice of interior décor. This rich and neutral color is very classy and can make a difference whether the space is small or large with the cozy feeling it brings. So, what are the colors that go with brown?

This mixture of orange, rose, red or yellow with gray or black color might be the color we see the most in modern and traditional designs since the natural wood is exactly brown so if you are thinking of adding it more into your home, wooden products are the easiest way to do so.

What colors go with brown?

  • White
  • Copper
  • Warm Hues
  • Blue
  • Pastels
  • Fuchsia
  • Yellow
  • Mint
  • Purple
  • Turquoise
  • Brown and Brown
  • Orange

Now let’s look at them in detail.

If it’s not paired with other colors properly, brown can seem pretty dull. For this reason, a good combination and shade are very important.

Image source: Simon Winstanley Architects

With the right match, you can make any room look cool, modern or traditional with this color, depending on your taste. Be careful while choosing because you may regret it later.

In the following text, you can see what colors go with brown and apply some of them to your own walls.


Image source: Fredman Design Group

One way or another, brown color will be enhanced when combined with white.

Choosing a tall wainscot has proven to be very efficient if we are going for the chocolate shade, which would be too dark and boring on its own but with white, the walnut stain is a perfect focal point.


Image source: Hamilton-Gray Design, Inc.

Imagine accented chocolate brown with the deepness that always follows this color with a great shade of copper, amazing!

The red undertones will make the brown more trendy and soft, as they will blend perfectly. This way, the room will not look dull or too dark but stylish and cozy.

Warm Hues

Image source: Meritage Homes

Natural colors that remind us of autumn, such as orange and yellow go very well with brown.

By choosing one of them, the room will feel more comfortable and warm because these are considered warm colors.

You can also experiment with different artwork that combine these hues with brown and match the furniture and decorative items with them. A levitating moon lamp with warm-hued light looks undeniably mesmerizing when placed on a yellow-brown-toned lowboy drawer.


Image source: Rejoy Interiors, Inc.

When you are thinking of the colors that go with brown, you probably won’t have blue on your mind. However, by combining it with some shades of blue, you can create a great, relaxing space.

Whether it’s a bedroom or bathroom, by choosing right shades of both, you can get amazing results! Considering that cyan (blue-green) is the brown complementary color, we can understand that mixing them can get to a good result.


Image source: FrontPorch

You might be used to blue always getting combined with green or pink, as they are pastel colors but adding a little bit of brown will give a classier look to the room.

Your bedroom does not have to look like too juvenile if you like these bright colors. Once you add brown and furniture (like a bed or sofa) that goes well with it, you will take it to the next level!


Image source: Andrea Schumacher Interiors

In this case, it is recommended to use brown as a foundation with splashes, artwork or fuchsia finishes. This way, the room will look chic, feminine and interesting.


Image source: Bankston May Associates

Yellow might be around the top of the ‘’what colors go with brown?’’ list.

Since they are pretty similar, yet pretty different because one is very dark and other very yellow, they make a perfect match!

Having your walls painted all yellow, with an accent brown color, will make your living room stylish and warm.

Additional plants, paintings, wooden furniture will help this idea as well.


If you are seeking a natural feel inside your home, pairing brown and mint is a great choice for you. Pick the shades carefully and you will have the effect identical to the one you were imagining!


Image source: LUX Design

Purple belongs to the group of colors that look good with brown unexpectedly.

Being both deep colors, they are mostly used for large spaces as they create a cozier feeling, instead of bright colors that make it look empty and too large.

We could list purple as one of the accent colors for brown as well.

Dark-stained wood cabinetry paired with plum walls heighten the drama in a bathroom.

These deeper colors aren’t timid or shy — their depth together enriches the space and conveys an air of sophistication. Look to less saturated purples with a gray or brown undertone as the best complement to brown cabinets or furniture.


Image source: Bill Daniels . Designer WR Daniels design Corp

This combination is very popular currently. Being very versatile and feminine, many girls and women choose them for their bedrooms or living rooms.

Even though they can adapt to the traditional style as well, it is easier to adjust them to the modern style of your home.

Brown and Brown

Image source: Carolina Design Associates, LLC

There are many different shades of brown, from very dark to very bright. No matter which one of them you choose, they will blend in perfectly.

You can pick the darker or brighter one as a foundation and experiment with the other one over it. One way or another, the walls will look sophisticated.

It is not recommended for places without enough light as they would turn too dark with these colors.


Image source: Grossman Photography

Similar to yellow, orange goes very well with brown as they are somehow similar.

The combination of these two can look extraordinary because they give away two completely different feelings.

While orange is pretty flashy and vivid, brown is dark and deep.

Neither of them would be look too well if the whole room was wrapped with it so mixing them up is the ideal option!

What colors look good with brown in combination with others?

Image source: Window Works

Being the color that reminds us of nature and is pretty common, brown can fit any design, in combination with one or more colors.

However, since it’s pretty dark, it should be mixed up with brighter colors that will create contrast and a great visual effect.

Brown, Blue, and Cream

Image source: Ann Lowengart Interiors

By combining these three, you will make each one of them stand out and have its own role. They will all look valuable and rich.

Add some suitable furniture and you surely won’t regret this strange but great mixture.

Chocolate Fudge


Now, with maroon, dark chocolate, white, warm grey and fudge mixed up together, there is no way you can go wrong!

This is the earth color scheme so the effect will be natural and very rich.

It is recommended to use neutrals as a foundation and dark colors for the wood stains and similar.

Tone on Tone

Image source: Carney Logan Burke Architects

Different shades of cream and beige are ideal for the comfortable bedroom atmosphere.

You can choose which one of them should be available the most but no matter which one it is, you can’t go too wrong with it.

However, too much darkness can be monotonous so make sure the rest of the room is interesting and contrasting.

Formal and creative

Image source: Pacifica Interior Design

Now, if brown is the color you want for your office, do not go too far with formality because you might end up feeling stuck in the dark environment.

Combining neutral hues with shades of brown you like will give you both – the professionalism your office requires and brightness your mood needs in order to keep working and being productive!

Teal and Cool Brown

Image source: Ana Donohue Interiors

Looking for something interesting? Here is the advice – Combine teal with brassy brown, cool grey, white and blackened Venetian red and wait for the transformation of your room!

Sophisticated color

Image source: Bravo Interior Design

Not many people are daring enough to try brown color for their own home but not everyone has a classy, unique and attractive home either.

This color is a nice refreshment when it comes to the interior design because it’s different and can produce amazing results!

Although it is a part of every household anyway in a furniture form, painting walls and combining them with other colors mostly achieves a homely and warm feeling and look in the room.

Ending thoughts on colors that go with brown

Image source: Collected Interiors

Stability, responsibility, duty, and reliability are only some of the factor associated with the brown color. It’s serious and down to earth, which makes it a great option for the family home.

There are many colors that go well with brown, including unusual ones like purple. It can be used for the foundation, finishes, splashes, artwork or anything else you could think of.

However, you should be careful with your own space because plain brown can make it boring and you wouldn’t like that. Instead, choose one of the wide range of shades that get along with this royal color.

Soon enough, you will have a warm room giving away a comfortable feeling. Do not be afraid to level up and make your home different and unique.

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