When you hear the word minimalist, you may think of the word minimal. When you think of the word minimal in terms of interior decorating, you might think of a room being simple and neat with not too many things in it. This is exactly what that minimalist interior design style is about.

Minimalist interior design style is the style that creates clutter free homes. In order for you to achieve this style and develop your minimalist interior design ideas, it is important to spend some time going through your belongings and deciding what you can keep and what you can dispose of.

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Originating from Japanese interior design, minimalism had made its way to home decorators all over the world. It creates great spaces that are filled with interesting and unique furniture and focuses on reducing everything to its necessary elements; it believes that less is more. The ideas that you have depend on the expansion of your ideas in order to create what you think is minimalist interiors.

The Minimalist interior decorating style doesn’t necessarily have to be the style of your whole house or business. It’s up to personal preference whether or not to decorate your whole house with a minimalistic point of view or not. Minimalism can be done in a single room, connected room, or your entire house or business. The style will have you thinking about how you are going to use and organize the space you are provided with. This will create a clean and airy atmosphere that is enjoyable to be in.

What Inspired Minimalism Interior Design Style?

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Some will argue that minimalist derives and is inspired by poverty; some will argue that minimalism is inspired by the rich. Those who believe that minimalism came from the rich is correct; minimalism is said to be considered a style of those who are more wealthy with the thought that they can have anything they please but don’t want to clutter their home.

In order to achieve both of those, they require simple and elegant items that don’t take up to much space. Although simple in form, it is definitely not a cheap interior decorating style. You are filling your with with less stuff, so you may have to spend more money on the things you fill your room with in order to make it stand out.

Benefits of Having a Minimalism Interior

Your Home Interior Could Affect Your Mood and Health

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The way your home interior looks and is decorated can have affect your mind and body. This is in terms of your health and mood. Research has shown that the lighting, space, and design of the rooms in your home can make you sick. Not only can it make you sick, it can have healing powers.

This introduced the development of neuro-architecture that involves the combination of neuroscience and architecture to design and create rooms that are healthy for you and your guests. Some designs that negatively affect your mood include a cluttered, dark, bright, or room that is too small. Cluttered rooms can cause anxiety, dark rooms can cause depression and sadness, bright rooms can cause stress, and small rooms can cause someone to feel trapped.

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There a certain colours, such as yellow, that can positively affect your body. The colour yellow has been seen to cause someone to feel friendly, cheerful, and warm. If this is something that you’re interested in, you can use this bright colour in your room as long as it is not too overwhelming.

The Less Unnecessary Belongings, The Better the Air Quality

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You may have looked through pictures of minimalist rooms in catalogs, books, and on the internet; looking back at all of the pictures you have seen, have you noticed that there are few few knick-knacks if not no knick-knacks at all? The rooms tend to appear clean, uncluttered, and welcoming-which is the main goal.

All of the knick-knacks you have around the house may seem harmless;what you may not think of is that they collect dust and allergens which can make you sick. Some of the items around house house that may collect dust and allergens include glass figurines, vases, and picture frames. Although the intention is to decorate your home and make it feel welcoming, it can actually make your home cluttered and allergy-inducing.

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As stated above, these allergens that build up are not healthy to breathe in, so it is important to go through the knick-knacks you own to get rid of any that you do not need. Not only will this make the air healthier, it will declutter the room and cause you to be one step closer to your minimalist interior design style.

Simplicity & Symmetry Create Balanced & Harmonious Rooms

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Studies show that our brains have a positive reaction to symmetry. When we take a minimalist approach at decorating our homes or business, we are creating symmetry that our brains will love. If our brains are happy, we are happy. The simplicity approach that you take will make your room look harmonious, balanced, and beautifully proportioned. This will make you and your guests satisfied when in the room.

The Importance of Cleanliness in Minimalist Rooms

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In order to achieve simplicity, you must achieve cleanliness. When designing your minimalist interior, work with crisp lines, solid surfaces, and necessary light. Choose colours and fabrics in which you are easily able to distinguish if they are dirty or clean. Have the proper balance of natural and controllable light and choose floor surfaces that are made of hard materials such as wood, metal, or stone. This will make it easier for you to clean and will help you achieve the crisp lines of the minimalist style.

Open & Adjustable Spaces

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When you create a minimalist room, you will realize how much potential the room has in terms of space that you never noticed before. If it was cluttered in the beginning and you thought it was a small room, you may start to think it is a large rom. Once you achieved opening some space in the room and you are able to roam around easily, you will not miss having a room that is cluttered. This will make it easier to maintain the minimalist style as well as make it easier for you to rearrange the room when needed.

Keeping the Room Tidy By Getting Rid of Items

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The minimalist style makes it easier to keep the space clean and tidy. When you get rid of all of the unneeded objects such a piles of mail, and magazines, and knick-knacks, there is a lot less clutter. The less clutter there is, the cleaner the room will look and the easier it will be to keep the room neat and tidy. Like stated at the very beginning of the article, it is important to go through your belongings and get rid of things you don’t need.

How to Create Minimalist Rooms & Interiors

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The purpose of minimalist interior design style is to create simple and peaceful rooms that have a lot of space. This is done with a combination of decluttering and simplification. This can also be done by choosing certain colours, walls, decor, and lighting.

Choose Simple and Natural Colours

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One of the main colours that are used in the minimalist interior design style is white; there are also creams and other natural shades that can be effective. You can add a splash of bright colour, but it is important to not let it become too bright. Aside from white, you can also choose pale grey, yellow, and brown paints. As you can see, the colours are simple and will not overwhelm any individuals that enter the room.

Keep Walls Simple

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The walls in your minimalist room have to be plastered so they are flat and smooth; in this style, your walls are free from textures. In order to decorate your walls, use large pictures and mirrors instead of smaller items; this will make you wall appear less cluttered which will make the room appear more clean and simple.

Find Room Decor That Fits

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Decorate your room or area with furniture that fits and suites the rest of the room’s design. Have the decor match the colour of the walls, as the room would not be successful if everything was off balance. Keep your decor items elegant but simple; try not to fill the room with too much decor, and if you have a lot of items, buy something large in which you can fit all the items. It is common that decor with geometric shapes with functional uses are good for minimalist rooms.

Use Proper Lighting

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Ensure your room is well lit but also ensure that the light is not too strong. You can use floor lamps, pendant lights, led strip lights, or concealed lighting that will act as both an appropriate source of light as well as a décor. Remember, the amount of light, whether it is too bright or not bright enough, could hinder your mood!