When was the last time you decorated your house?

Self-isolation in the pandemic led people to find new forms of entertainment. Some tried learning a new skill or binged on Netflix. Many others took found creativity and expressed them in different ways.

The pandemic birthed new trends for the interior design industry. Even before the health crisis, our homes were a place to relax. Whether you study or work from home, you need to be comfortable in your home studio.

One great way to make your workplace feel more like home is by designing it. In this article, we give you some decoration ideas for your home office. Bring out your inner girl power with these feminine furniture ideas!

Neutral Tone Walls

One of the first things interior designers consider is the color of the walls. If you plan on repainting your walls, consider using neutral tones. Neutral palettes work well for pastel, beige, and cream.

You can produce a more feminine feel in your home studio with subtle color changes. This can range from peachy oranges to blush pink. Mint green and pale aqua are great neutral tones if you don’t like beige tones.

Gray is an underrated color that many interior designers forget. Gray is a versatile color and is far from being boring and dull. Depending on the shade of gray you choose, you can evoke different moods.

One of the benefits of using gray is that it goes with many colors. Gray is a neutral background color that makes any other color pop. It can also help you achieve a calm atmosphere, perfect for work or school.

If you’re a Feng Shui enthusiast, you may like the color gray. According to Feng Shui, gray and white are the best colors for a west and northwest area home.

Gray is also a great choice if you’re trying to achieve a modern aesthetic. Consider painting your walls gray!

Use the Right Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures play a huge role in building the vibe of a room. Masculine rooms often use patterns like bold stripes, plaid, and herringbones. If you’re looking for a more feminine vibe, look for floral and damask patterns.

Botanicals and soft geometric shapes like polka dots can help you build a feminine space. Remember, try not to throw random patterns and textures together. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns.

Materials like cotton, silk, velvet, and linen are common in feminine spaces. You can also try adding some cashmere and chenille. If you want to add an extra level of femininity, get ruffled pillows.

You can combine soft and shiny materials with matte colors. Learn how to coordinate your fabrics, patterns, and textures to get a more cohesive design.

Rounded Sofa

In any living or working space, the sofa is a focal point of a room. Many interior designers plan the design of a room around the couch. A neutral sofa can fit in with almost any pattern, texture, or other design elements.

However, you can look for lavender, blush, pink, or purple couch. Metallic accents can add a unique touch to your toom. You can choose various designs to express yourself.

You can use any couch from simple and modern to vintage. If you want a more feminine vibe, however, aim for rounded shapes. Consider looking for ovals backs and gilded legs when shopping for feminine furniture.

You can pair the rounded shape of your new sofa with soft upholstery and fluffy pillows.

Coffee Table

Many coffee tables that serve as a feminine desk can also double as an ottoman. You can create an inviting and homely ambiance with an upholstered ottoman. Consider pairing it with a soft color like lavender, pink, blush, or even white.

Gilded legs and framing can add a unique touch and glam to your new space. If you prefer the modern aesthetic, check out some acrylic coffee tables. This gives your home studio a more edgy and mature vibe.

A simple coffee table with gilded framing can give your living room a chic but simple look. You can decorate your coffee table with various books. If you like botany, you can set up several vases and jars with small plants and flowers.

Feminine Lights

In interior design, lights can serve more than functional tasks. You can use various lamps or other lighting sources to highlight your decor. For a feminine space, crystal chandeliers are a popular choice.

Crystal chandeliers are versatile and can fit almost any interior style. From vintage to modern, a crystal chandelier can add a chic and feminine feel to any living space. You can level up your lighting with sculptural lamps.

Look for butterflies, petals, and flowers. These can spice up even the simplest room. You can also change your lighting with lava lamps to display shades like blush and lavender.


Mirrors are a powerful design aspect for any woman’s living space. It’s a valuable decorative tool that serves many practical uses. Many interior designers use mirrors to enlarge or brighten a small space.

Mirrors reflect light, allowing you to make your room seem brighter. If you often spend hours preparing in the morning, consider getting a vanity mirror. This makes your room feel like a theater room or studio for all your girly needs.

More Feminine Flairs

If these design tips aren’t enough, you can level up your interior design with various items. Look for curvy and light furniture like a loveseat with curved armrests. Many women prefer chaise lounges with one-arm designs.

If you’re looking for feminine decor, you may find a lot of help from European influence. Curved profiles, carvings, and smooth edges are common elements of feminine European decor.

Transform Your Home Studio With These Feminine Furniture Ideas

Looking to transform your home studio? Try out these tips when redesigning your studio into a more feminine space. Large mirrors and soft colors are only some ways to transform your home studio.

Thank you for reading our article! Looking for more interior design tips? Check out our other posts to find design guides on various styles!