Bamboo, as we know it, is a tough, hard material that many animals use as a source of nutrition.

Even though the material itself is quite handy to work with, and can be shaped into many different objects, the question arises, could bamboo sheets ever be comfortable?

The fact of the matter is, the sheets are actually created from the specific grass of the bamboo, which gives the bamboo viscose the added benefits of being soft, but at the same time are also highly durable.

Interestingly, these bamboo bedsheets are actually one of the softest sheets available on the market.

How are Bamboo Sheets actually created?

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Before anything else, it is important to state that the finished product feels nothing like what you would imagine when you think of the words bamboo bedding.

What really happens here, is that the plant is taken as a raw material, and then processed with a plant-processing technique known as Viscose. This produces a fabric known as the bamboo viscose sheets.

In fact, the word viscose, and the word rayon are pretty much synonyms – bamboo rayon is exactly the same as viscose bamboo.

So how do we create rayon from bamboo? Well, during this process, the raw material, i.e. the bamboo plants, are processed using a viscose liquid.

When the mix of these products is pushed through small spaces, threads are formed, which are then used to weave the bamboo sheets. If the bamboo is the only plant raw material being added, the finalized product is referred to as 100% Bamboo.

Can you measure the Bamboo Sheets thread count?

BedVoyage-Rayon-from-Bamboo-Deep-Pocket-Sheet-Sets-by-BedVoyage- Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: BedVoyage

The interesting thing about the bamboo sheets is that even though there is actually a thread count, it isn’t like the kinds of the thread counts we see for other materials, such as cotton.

Usually, bamboo sheets are available in two kinds of thread counts – 320tc, or 500tc. These may or may not indicate softness.

In the case of cotton sheets, thread count has a deeper meaning, which it just doesn’t when it comes to bamboo linen.

However, when you are buying bamboo, you should focus your attention on a couple of things: the quality, the manufacturer, and what kind of viscose they use. This can be very important.

Bamboo bedding isn’t cheap – the sheets can be sold for anything upwards of $100, so even though you may find cheaper alternatives online, you will most likely not be buying 100% bamboo, or it may even be made of something else entirely.

So, are Bamboo Sheets really that good?

BedVoyage-Rayon-from-Bamboo-Blanket-by-BedVoyage Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: BedVoyage

There is no doubt about it, bamboo sheets really are the softest sheets you can find on the market, and have a cool and gentle feel on the skin.

They may be slightly environmentally friendly compared to other products, but still, have a softer feel than other materials, such as cotton bedding, for example.

How do Bamboo Sheets differ?

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Based on their material

If you go out right now, you will be able to find 4 different kinds of bamboo sheets available on the market.

  1. Bamboo rayon: When you go out into the markets, most of what you’ll see on the bamboo bedding side of things is the material bamboo rayon or bamboo viscose. These are generally made through various processing methods which use different chemicals to create bamboo threads. There is a lot to be said for this use, particularly in regards to how it affects the environment. If you’re worried about how it affects you personally, the chemicals don’t remain on the sheets but will pollute the environment when they are disposed of.
  2. Bamboo lyocell: if you are looking for something more organic, you might want to look into another material, bamboo lyocell. Not only is this an interesting contemporary sheet, but the process is also sustainable, and does not use toxic or hazardous chemicals. The solution and water are actually recycled, and so there is no cause for concern when it comes to the harmful residues. The resultant material turns out to not just be some of the softest bedding in this family but is also very strong and durable.
  3. Bamboo and cotton blend: Commonly, bamboo and cotton are blended together in mixtures of 30-40% cotton. This gives some strength to the material because of the presence of the cotton, but this does come about by sacrificing the potential softness of our bamboo sheets. It is also less sustainable, because of the high use of chemicals and water in the cotton industry.
  4. Bamboo linen: Linen from bamboo is made pretty much in a similar way to how it is made from hemp. The material is not some of the softest material in the world and tends to have a potential for wrinkling easy. If you are looking to buy this material, know that there will be a lot of maintenance work involved, meaning you will need to iron it, wash it, and be very careful.

Based on the fabric’s weave

BedVoyage-Rayon-from-Bamboo-Reversible-Duvet-Cover-by-BedVoyage Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: BedVoyage

There’s one more thing that factors into the look, feel, and the softness of the fabric, and that is the weave. You may find that even though several materials have been made with the same components, their feel and texture is completely different because of the weave.

Sateen: This material is created using a technique that includes one- under, and then three- over. This results in a pretty smooth fabric that has a high thread count and a thick feel and texture. This gives sateen a ‘silky’ look and feel, because of the luminosity provided by this technique of applying the weave. As a result, the fabric at the end of the process is beautiful, silky smooth, and highly delicate. This is why it also needs some special care.

  1. The benefits: this kind of weave is actually very soft, and it ends up being a product that is also vegan in nature, and looks like silk but costs far less.
  2. The cons: this material requires a lot of special care and handling. This material also requires far longer time to prepare, and so is more expensive compared to the twill weave fabric.

Twill: These bamboo sheets are created by a kind of weave known as the diagonal rib. This is also identified as the twill line.

Similar to the kind of weave you would find on jeans, signified by its short and fine characteristics. This is less soft compared to the bamboo sateen, but it is still far softer compared to the cotton fabrics.

  1. Pros: the twill weave is far sturdier compared to the sateen fabric.
  2. Cons: this kind of bamboo sheet is not as soft, and can shrink far more than the sateen fabric when washed, partly because of the looser weave style. This is why it must always be washed in cold water, and then line-dried. If you want to tumble, use the option dry-low. This isn’t just helping save your sheet, it’s also environmentally friendly and energy-saving!

Tips on choosing the right Bamboo Sheets

BedVoyage-Rayon-from-Bamboo-Shams-byBedVoyage Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: BedVoyage

Everyone has different uses for their sheets, and because we all have different preferences, it might difficult to find the perfect bamboo sheets. Here are some tips to choose the right bamboo bedding for you:

  • Check the label: before buying anything, the standard rule of thumb is, make sure you know what you’re buying. The label will give you further information about the bamboo sheets, whether it’s bamboo rayon, bamboo linen, or lyocell. According to regulatory bodies, manufacturers have to give you this information about the kind of materials used in the bamboo sheets.
  • Looking for environmentally friendly options: If you want to go for an environmentally friendly option will be lyocell and linen.
  • Want softness? If softness is your biggest priority, the best option for you will be to go for bamboo sateen. It also has a great feel, so is perfect if you are looking for that, or if you have sensitive skin.
  • Want sturdiness? If your priority is sturdiness, the bamboo twill will be your best possible choice, even if you have to compromise on the softness a little bit.
  • The truth of bamboo blend: bamboo blend is cheaper, but it may not be a sustainable option, because of the use of chemicals and water in the cotton industry, which is far less within the other kinds of bamboo sheets.
  • Swatches: a lot of times, bamboo swatches are provided by many manufacturers so you can check ow it feels and looks according to your color scheme. Always ask for these swatches before buying a final product.

How to give your Bamboo Viscose Sheets the care they need

Slavia-by-SVOYA-studio Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: SVOYA studio

Because of the high-quality material that the bamboo sheets actually represent, the bamboo viscose actually requires a high level of care. With the right kind of care, your fabric can actually last much longer and can keep its original texture and softness.

If you know how to wash and care for your sheets, you can actually keep them safe and long-lasting. To learn more about how you can keep the bamboo viscose, follow some of these tips:

  1. Use of cold water: you must have heard this tip when dealing with other high-quality fabrics, but just like those, bamboo sheets tend to have the best reaction with cold water. The problem with hot water is that because of the heat, the fabric tends to experience deterioration and loses its quality. However, the first time, the bamboo sheets should be washed with hot water one time to allow it to go down to the size that it was supposed to be.
  2. Be gentle with drying: because drying clothes outside on a clothing line isn’t always the best possible option for everyone, but instead, you can use the dryer and run it on the gentlest setting possible.
  3. Consider colors when washing: just like with any other fabrics, never mix colors when washing bamboo sheets. This helps to avoid any chances of the color staining the rest of the clothes.
  4. Consider the texture when washing: In order to mix the right materials at the right time. Rough materials being washed with the simple fabrics can lead to the bamboo sheets being damaged because of the coarseness.
  5. Don’t use softeners: Because the bamboo viscose is already very soft, they don’t actually require softeners to be added to the washing.
  6. Keep away from bleach: If you want to maintain the quality of your bamboo viscose, you will need to keep them away from any harsh treatment due to the bleach.
  7. Stain removers: in order to take care of stains on your bamboo sheets, you should avoid artificial cleaners and go for the more natural kind of stain removers. If there’s a blood stain, you can try using hydrogen peroxide, or a combination of water with white vinegar, or even natural soap with baking soda and borax. These are gentle and not as harsh on the bamboo sheets.

The most popular kind of Bamboo Sheets

SOUTH-COOGEE-House-by-CAPITAL-BUILDING-Apartment-Renovations-1 Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: CAPITAL BUILDING :: Apartment – Renovations

Cariloha: with the fabric from this company, you can actually gain a lot of perks and benefits.

The kind of sheets that you’ll find from this company are usually very gentle and soft and have a luminous and sateen kind of finish. This is going to provide a gentle and regular feel to anyone who uses the bamboo sheets.

Aside from the regular sheets, the company also has some deep pocket options, as well as a construction option known as a box stitch. This will make the fabric durable and long lasting. Along with this, your body heat will be retained using these sheets, giving it a cool feel.

Because of this, you can expect a comfortable feel all year long, along with an environmentally friendly product that can help reduce the impact because of pollution and chemical waste, including the herbicides and other chemicals that are used to grow other kinds of raw materials for fabrics.

Linenspa: The items available at this store are made from 100 percent bamboo sheets, particularly from rayon strands. This creates a very soft feel and gives a silky experience. This also creates a breathable fabric that does not allow you to retain heat, leaving you cooler throughout the year.

If you worry about allergies, this is a good option for you because these sheets are great for anyone with sensitive skin.

These fitted sheets are made to perfectly fit onto your bed, and can be found as bamboo sheets king size, or queen size, and can fit beds that can be as high as 14 inches.

Mauna-Kea-home-by-Henderson-Design-Group Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: Henderson Design Group

MALOUF: When looking at the sheets from MALOUF, you can always expect top-tier and high-quality bamboo bedding.

Created using bamboo rayon fabric, these particular kinds of sheets are actually very soft and silky. The sheets are hypoallergenic and don’t pick up odors, making it a great option for people who are very sensitive.

A lot of times people ask, is rayon stretchy? These sheets are proof that it is, being highly elastic and equipped with pockets so they can give a snug-fit feel to beds that are as high as 22 inches.

The sheets are also available in several different colors and sizes, and a basic set contains a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

Beautiful-Bedroom-by-Jackie-Glass-Inc. Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: Jackie Glass Inc.

Exceptional Sheets: The name of this company truly matches the kind of products they offer, because their bamboo sheets really are exceptional, with amazing and high-quality.

The bamboo is made out of rayon and is filled out with the kind of hypoallergenic fiber that creates a high-quality duvet that delivers the best kind of sleeping experience.

This is also reinforced by the anti-static quality of the duvet, which is great for people with sensitive skin. The temperature can also be regulated by the ability of the sheets to absorb moisture. The thread count is around 300, which means the fabric is very soft.

BedVoyage-Rayon-from-Bamboo-Crib-Bundle-by-BedVoyage Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: BedVoyage

BedVoyage: The fabric from this company is notable because of a higher thread count than usual, in addition to amazing characteristics of odor-resistance.

Like many other bamboo sheets, these ones are great at regulating temperatures at night, so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night because of discomfort.

The fabric is made of bamboo rayon sheets and can be found in several colors. You can also find hypoallergenic sheets, ideal for people with irritable or sensitive skins, and is soft with deep pockets that can suit beds as high as 18 inches.

BedVoyage-Rayon-from-Bamboo-Reversible-Duvet-Cover-by-BedVoyage-2 Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: BedVoyage

Queen White Silky Soft by Royal Hotel: With a high thread count and bamboo sheets made entirely from bamboo rayon, with these sheets you can expect a very soft feel, especially when compared to cotton. By getting these sheets, you can also expect comfort at night and a gentle and thermally-regulated feel.

Along with this, for sensitive skin, these sheets can do wonders because of their hypoallergenic properties. The sheets are washable, but should only be washed with cold water to maintain their integrity.

BedVoyage-Rayon-from-Bamboo-Deep-Pocket-Sheet-Set-in-Platinum-by-BedVoyage- Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: BedVoyage

Brielle: If you are looking for 100 percent rayon bamboo sheets, this is the place for you. With a thread count of 300, you can be sure that you will have a comfortable and happy sleeping experience, along with a sateen weave that only further enhances the quality.

You can expect that these sheets will be great for sensitive skin and can easily be fitted onto your bed. Because of the materials, you can also avoid wrinkles, to give a nice, clean finish.

Because of the temperature regulation the sheets offer, you can use them all through the year and keep yourself cool and comfortable at night.

Clara Clark Premier 1800 Collection: With these amazing and convenient sateen microfiber bamboo sheets, you can expect a slippery yet comfortable feel.

The sheets are also not prone to fading or wrinkling and absorb moisture very well. You should always wash them with cold water to maintain the quality of the sheets.

BedVoyage-Rayon-from-Bamboo-Deep-Pocket-Sheet-Sets-by-BedVoyage Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: BedVoyage

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets: With these sheets, you can expect both luxury and affordability, but not at a compromise on the amazing quality of these sheets.

Because these sheets are created from a combination of bamboo and microfiber, at a percentage of 60% to 40%, which gives these sheets a smooth feel and a stain resistant characteristic.

These sheets are also very hypoallergenic, and so perfect for anyone with allergies or irritable and sensitive skin.

These bamboo sheets available at Zen Bamboo are in several solid colors, and in many different kinds of sizes. This gives them great quality, feel, and are generally affordable as well.

Cosy House Collection: The premium bamboo bedding available at the Cosy House Collection is perfect for anyone who wants variety and quality.

The premium set contains the softest bamboo sheets that are actually available in several colors and even in various patterns. You can even find the same pattern in different colors, making it easier to choose the right bamboo bedding for your room’s décor.

The sheets available come in a variety of sizes, such as king size bamboo sheets, queen size bamboo sheets, and many others. There are also so many color options so you can find the right color for your home.

The soft feel of the sheets available at Cosy House is because of the combination of rayon and polyester, giving the fabric the softness of the bamboo, in combination with the sleekness of the polyester.

Because of this, it also helps regulate the temperature and will make sleep infinitely more comfortable for anyone who likes a cool and breathable fabric.

BedVoyage-Rayon-from-Bamboo-Quilted-Coverlet-by-BedVoyage Bamboo sheets: what they are and the best ones out thereImage source: BedVoyage

Linenwala’s: Linenwala’s is a great choice for you if you are a fan of the luminous, sleek, and smooth look that comes with a Sateen weave. In a set from Linenwala’s, you can expect the standard bed set – two pillowcases, along with one fitted and one flat sheet.

The bamboo sheets available here are organic and are actually 100 percent bamboo sheet, with a 300 thread count. This sateen sheet should be washed only using cold water to maintain its integrity and can fit up to 16 inches.

Ending thoughts on bamboo sheets

If you are wondering what the right bamboo sheets are for you – it’s all about what you need from your bedding.

To make sure, you should always check that the manufacturer is certified, that they are chemical free, and contain the materials you want. Rest assured, your new sheets will bring comfort and feel you could never expect from your regular cotton sheets.

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