Coffee is not just an ordinary beverage. The majority of people cannot start their day properly without having a cup of their favorite coffee. Especially coffee lovers, they consume up to 3-4 cups of coffee in a day and cannot survive without it. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place.

Homemade coffee sucks: Not anymore!

As you know, due to the corona pandemic situation, the morning routine is messed up, and the truth is homemade coffee doesn’t really match the deliciousness of the coffee from the bar. But, worry no more because we’re going to help you in this matter so you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at your home. These tips are straight from expert baristas.

Buy the good quality, whole coffee beans.

If you want to level up the homemade coffee experience, it’s not going to happen by using ordinary coffee. You need to buy a high-quality coffee that doesn’t mean splurging your budget. Do some research in your local market, and you can find good quality whole bean coffee at a reasonable price. Just ensure that it is freshly roasted because coffee deteriorates with time and loses the essential oil and smell.

Keep the beans in Airtight Canister.

As we mentioned earlier, coffee is not like a wine that gets better with aging. That’s why it’s crucial to keep the beans in a good quality airtight coffee canisters that can save your coffee from deterioration. As when the coffee beans are exposed to oxygen, the deterioration process boosts up, which results in the degradation of the flavor and rich smell of coffee. Avoid buying a large supply of coffee. A week’s supply is more than enough and keeps the coffee fresh too.

Use a proper scale to ensure correct measurements.

Without the perfect measurement, you can never achieve excellent taste. So, avoid eyeballing the amount of coffee and use a scale to take the right coffee quantity. Using a scale removes all the chances of error and provides you the correct ratio to prepare a perfect coffee cup.

Tip: You can use a 1:18 or 1:13 ratio, which means using 1 gram of coffee for the 13 grams of water.

Grind them well

A secret behind a tasty cup of bar coffee is the grinding. Now that you’re preparing a coffee at your home, you need to get the right grinder. You can choose from a blade grinder or a butt grinder. We suggest you go with a burr grinders as it’s better than a blade grinder. If it’s out of your budget, you can buy a manual burr grinder for grinding the coffee beans perfectly.

Tip: Grind the coffee beans not more than 30 minutes before brewing to achieve a perfect waste.

Good quality Water

Good quality water is not less than a secret ingredient when making a perfect coffee cup. Avoid using tap water as the chlorine odor can ruin the taste and smell of the coffee.

Right Temperate

The right temperature is essential for the good taste of the coffee. An ideal temperature is 90°C to 96°C, as if the water is hotter than that, it will harm the coffee flavor.

Final Words

There are some of the expert tips to prepare a perfect cup of coffee at home. Hopefully, after reading the post, you will be able to achieve the same taste as your favorite coffee bar.