A comfort height toilet refers to a toilet that measures 17 inches to 19 inches from the floor to the top of the toilet seat without the cover.

This type of toilet is slightly higher in height compared to the standard traditional toilet that measures lower than 17 inches. The comfort height toilet was made for people who feel uncomfortable sitting at a lower toilet and prefer sitting on a higher one.

 Reasons to upgrade to a comfort height toilet

  1. Compatible with persons with disabilities

A comfort height toilet has the same toilet seat height with toilets that are compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), which means that they could be more favorable for persons with disabilities. They can use these toilets, especially if they have a difficult time standing up from a low position, which can be alleviated by the extra inches on the toilet. The extra inches could also help in making things easier for people lower back pains.

  1. Comfortable for taller people

People with a height above 6’0’’ are considered tall and they usually have an uncomfortable time sitting in a standard height toilet. The extra inches from a comfort height toilet makes it more convenient for them. You can put it this way: choosing the right toilet size is like choosing the right fit for your shoes.

If it’s too small, then it may be painful for your feet. If they’re too long, the shoes may fall. It’s the same with toilets: they must be the right height and size for you to experience the best comfort. When it’s too high, then your feet will dangle, but when it’s too low, tall people will have to crunch up their feet. 

  1. Cheaper compared to standard toilets

Although the price difference is not that large, comfort height toilets are cheaper than the standard ones. You can easily purchase a toilet that’s worth 100 USD on average. Because of varied manufacturers, their quality will also be varied. Some may come cheap but not that long-lasting or durable, and you don’t want that type of toilet in your bathroom because it has a very high potential of breaking down. A broken toilet will make you purchase another one, thus spending more compared to purchasing a high-quality one.

A standard toilet can cost 370 USD while a comfort height toilet can only cost at most 340 USD. You also have to take into account the installation service fee that you would have to pay. A standard toilet and a comfort height toilet are installed in the same way so the installation fee would likely be identical, which would cost you about 180USD.

If you base your comparison on the average price of a comfort height toilet and that of a standard toilet, then the comfort height toilets’ prices would be cheaper, but it ultimately depends on the make and the brand of the toilet of your own choosing.

Things to look out for before installing a comfort toilet

  1. Can cause constipation

The optimum figure to cleanse all the bowel from your body is that your waist should be below knee level. And obviously, when you have a comfort height toilet which is higher in height, this prevents you from achieving that optimum position. As a result, it increases your chances of constipation.

  1. Uncomfortable for shorter kids and shorter people

Shorter people and kids that are sitting on a comfort height toilet have a chance to lose the blood circulation on their legs if their feet are hanging from the seat. Moreover, it can make the legs feel numb, that’s why it’s not advisable for shorter people, especially kids. For shorter people and kids, it’s recommended to have the standard height toilet for it would fit them better and it would also prevent the loss of blood circulation in the legs.

  1. Low availability in the market

Comfort height toilets have low availability compared to standard toilets because the manufacturers make more toilets that would most likely be sold, which are standard toilets. This is because the average size of men is around 5’9’’ and they tend to settle on toilets that have a height of around 15 to 16 inches, which are standard.

There are also lots of substitutes of comfort height toilets if you want to upgrade to a taller toilet. You can buy a toilet seat raiser for a cheaper price, but there is a chance that it would affect the beauty of your toilet.


When deciding whether to upgrade to a comfort height toilet, know that it all depends on your personal fit. The information above could help you weigh your options for your upgrade, but what’s most important is you need to be comfortable sitting on it. And like shoes or clothes, it will serve you best if it’s the right fit.